Dog Washing – An Essential Requirement

The excellent state of the health of a dog is one of the major factors for its longevity since the average life span of a dog is a fraction of the life of a human being. One of the most important aspects of the good health of a dog is affording it a good and a thorough wash since that would keep it fresh in the same way as human beings need a bath every day to freshen themselves up. However, in the case of dogs, they do not need a daily bath but at regular intervals and this depends on the climatic conditions of the location and the breed of the dog.

There are certain essential facts that a dog owner needs to bear in mind before washing his dog. Before washing the dog, it is necessary that it should be brushed properly which brings out the dirt and filth that may have collected all over the body. This pre-brushing of the dog releases the dirt which would allow you to clean the dog properly as the dog is washed. The type of brush to be used for brushing depends on the type of coat of the dog.

A thorough dog wash is an essential requisite for the overall good health and well being of the dog. While there are good quality shampoos available, a hydro bath shampoo tends to maintain the cleanliness of the dog; pet owners should ensure that the right types of shampoos and cologne are used while washing the dog.

As soon as the dog wash is over, the dog should be dried with a towel to get rid of most of the water from its coat. The dog should immediately dry up to avoid any chill which can result due to its being wet. After the dog has been towel dried, one of the safest option is to blow dry the dog with a blower to ensure that it becomes totally dry. Brushing a dog’s coat is one of the major essentials and should be done after it is completely dry. Brushing also helps in removing the loose hair from its coat making its coat fluffier.

One of the most sensitive organs of a dog is its ears and eyes and the owner should ensure that water does not enter into the ears of the dog. It would be better that the owner uses a moist piece of cloth to clean up the eyes and ears separately after the dog wash. The nails of the dog become soft and vulnerable to damaging the paws in case they fall down. Hence the nails of the dog should be trimmed with a nail clipper regularly after a good refreshing bath. Enthusiastic dog lovers perennially love good smelling dogs enjoying their odor as well as their company. They use colognes and deodorants to make their dogs smell fresh.

Dogs need to be treated as humans since they too require appropriate veterinary care at regular intervals apart from good grooming. Proper care and grooming of dogs would certainly ensure a healthy and a long life for them. It is only a question of sparing a few hours for the upkeep of your dog that would prove to be beneficial for your dog.

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