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Do You Really Know What an Anointing Oil is?

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In the Bible, the word Anointing oil is written twenty times. Both Old and New Testaments speak about Anointing Oil, although it is more often mentioned in the Old Testament. The Bible clearly gives the recipe for Holy Anointing Oil and it was used for high priests and His descendants and tabernacle and its embellishments to mark it as holy and set it aside for God. Though there’s no mention that the ingredients are super-powered, the oils are highly healing in nature. In the New Testament, Anointing oil was applied by the Disciples to heal the sick.

Wondering if today’s Christians can use Anointing Oil? Of course, they could, as Scripture doesn’t say otherwise! In the Bible, the Anointing Oil is cited as a symbol for Holy Spirit. You can get the best oils in Israel and their Anointing Oil recipe retains the instructions from Bible for most part. What’s surprising here? After all, it is the country God chose and it is sure to hold the best ingredients! The Hebrew word Anointing refers to rubbing or massaging a person with oil.

In the ancient church, people were anointed, for healing purposes because healers were also priests or holy men or women. Some went to Medicine man or woman (in the modern world could probably be a doctor) or Shaman for healing. Healing originally meant physical and spiritual. Jesus taught his disciples how to heal others using essential oils and through energy work though it is rarely taught today.

Until the 20th century, healing wasn’t only physical. Only once modern day medicine gained popularity, this trend was started. However, how many of us are really healed by this method? Minimal right? Though important for a few situations, modern medicine doesn’t heal even physical problems! Can it deal with spiritual or emotional problems? They merely suppress or brush it off stating “imagination”!

In the book of Mark, Jesus teaches his disciples about they can heal with Anointing oil. He further adds that spiritual healing and physical healing are interlinked, by pointing out that a person has to repent and take accountability for physical and emotional health and be prepared to change beliefs and systems, if needed, for complete healing. He clearly says that healing starts internally and should be inline with God’s way. He states it is very important to trust that He is the Healer! In short, Anointing oil was utilized to heal a person physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Want to know what’s used for Anointing Oil? Pure Olive Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Spikenard Essential Oil, Myrrh Essential Oil, etc. If you like me, believe that the Anointing Oil is special and want to make it a part of your prayer life, you can go for it. We provide the best to God, right? Likewise, Anointing Oil is best when only the best ingredients go into making it. You can get a bottle for yourself and use it after praying, or have your Pastor pray before using it. The scent, I must say, is warm, invigorating and calming. What do you think?Do you want to grab a bottle of anoint myrrh oil that’s inline with the traditional recipe and originates from Israel? If you want a memoir from the Holy Land, for your spiritual needs – Look no further and grab it on while you still can! This article is copyright protected.