Do Real Estate Postcards Work?

Many are still skeptical. In an age where technology drives and moves the world, traditional forms of marketing seem outdated. As far real estate marketing goes, how far can postcards make an impact on your real estate business? Can a postcard really make any difference? Does it work?

Real Estate Postcards Do Work!

Although not everyone is of the opinion, there are those who can attest to the efficacy of real estate postcards marketing and their contribution to institutional growth. It works according to a Massachusetts agent who dispelled preconceived notions that using postcards to get more prospects is old-school and a throwback from the last century. She said that her confidence in the use of postcards stems from an experience she had two years ago where she grabbed a listing in her farm’s subdivision. She was gripped by the idea of mailing 200 just listed postcards to neighbors and people in her community. The result was surprising. She got six new listings from that mailing alone.

Marketing Integration, Innovation and Method Recycling

She said that one of the reasons why her real estate postcard marketing efforts worked is that she threw in other marketing efforts and integrated them. Because the Internet houses a number of consumers, she made use of her blog and put in 2,000 posts to boost her marketing. Many homeowners were able to read her posts so they basically knew what they were in for and what was necessary for marketing. She added that rather than discard old marketing practices such as postcard marketing, people should learn to conserve the basics. There are times when going back to the basics can be more beneficial in the long run than responding to the dictate of the digital and highly industrialized world.

Real Estate Postcard Campaigns and The Cost of Putting Up One
To get more, more often than not, you need to have more. It is normal for real estate postcards marketing campaigns to be costly. The whole postcards marketing project inevitably requires a lot of financial backing. Risky, some may say, but if planned and done right, the rewards are more fulfilling and the rest can just operate smoothly. When this happens, you need not worry about your initial investments because everything including income generation will eventually run on autopilot.

In setting up a campaign, just take note of the following:

Through a new program, the US Postal Service facilitates the mapping out of target areas according to address via the website. There are also other data providers through which you can request for data tailor-fitted to your needs. Just send them the parameters of your campaign and they will provide you with information based on your specifications. The price is also commensurate to the volume and availability of requested data and you can agree on the payment method.

There are many companies catering to the real estate postcard marketing industry and their service offerings include, among others, stock marketing postcard designs that a professional in the industry can select. Different companies have different service packages. The management and marketing platforms also differ. Other players in the field of real estate postcards marketing prefer to send projects directly to third party print vendors or right through the resident office printer. There are many options available and prices pretty much depend on existing needs.

Marketing funds may erode not just because of card creation. Postage may also cost you a great chunk of your capital. Be on the lookout, therefore, for bulk mail rates or discount prices. The US Postal Service is particularly price-friendly. Their EDDM program allows you to mail a standard postcard for only 32 cents.

Have you been successful in pursuing your real estate postcards marketing plans? There is no shortcut to success but you can make this marketing tool work for you in more ways than one

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