DJ Edy Marron Is Going To Release His New Album“SHOWTIME”

DJ Edy Marron took the internet by storm with music and he is working on his new album “Showtime”. He has amassed a strong social following on various social media platforms. With the love for music, he is going to deliver his new album to allure newcomers to his world-class talent and the quality to enthuse enduring fans. His new release will be available on all major

streaming sites and he is ready to tour and spread the Gospel.

Talking about the new record, Legend told fans, “my purpose with my music is to promote

and support positive changes that start with the heart through, allowing me to

be a positive and inspirational being at a high level of consciousness through


He will keep on going and new collaborations are coming. He also loves

to hear change, because living in a world of identical and listening to the

same type of beat is meaningless. Next to producing, Ed also works as a DJ. And,

now this talented DJ/Producer from Holland is working on a new album named “SHOWTIME”.

More info about Edy Marron is on Google.

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