Digital Mail Service That Reads Your Postal Mail For You From Home Now Leads America In Digimail

CHICAGO, IL (August 14, 2020) – Digital mail service ANTmailbox becomes the market leader in providing the service of reading postal mails digitally from the comfort of the receiver’s home. Designed in a way that the receiver of the said postal mail doesn’t have to drive down necessarily to the PO Box in order to read their mails, ANTmailbox mail forwarding service has captured the growing market very quickly in a very short period of time.

Launched in 2017, ANTmailbox virtual mailbox has grown leaps and bounds because of its impeccable service. It has almost a thousand mailing address locations worldwide that customers use as their virtual address. Antmailbox software platform is recognized as the postal ecosystem’s leading private-labeled, cloud-based technology.

Providing access to the mail 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, mail forwarding service essentially makes sure that the receiver has no need to drive down to the PO Box or wait to return from a trip in order to access the mail, which at times can be urgent mails. The secure cloud-based platform also makes sure that mails are stored and read with the best complete security and privacy that is available. This excellent service is also available on any device – from PC to Mac, Apple to Android, smart phone to tablet.

“We’ve come a long way since the beginning of postal service. While many a year of postal service has served us really well, we realized it was time for something new. The internet is in the hands of most humans on earth, ordering food at home, inexpensive to very expensive things right at home. So we thought – why not postal service? During our initial market research, we were shocked to find that of the 5,600,000 lbs of junk mail is printed every year, less than a quarter of it is recycled. This means that 4.3 Million lbs of junk mail ends up in America’s landfills every year! The junk itself, and the sheer number of it, was mind-boggling. That’s when we decided to start ANTmailbox virtual mailbox that would bypass all of this. Simple steps and we’d America to a better future. The customer simply has to select a real street address by browsing through our list of locations across the USA. Do tell us whether you are a business, personal user, or an expat. And lastly, As you receive mail you can easily view and manage it from your chosen device. Let’s walk towards a more comfortable and safer future”, said the founder of ANTmailbox.

Based in Chicago, Antmailbox is a SaaS tech company that has evolved into the leading Digital Mailbox provider.

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