Dentistry: An Overview

Dentistry is referred to a branch of medical science, which involves diagnoses, preclusions and cures of various diseases teeth, tongue and jaws, as well as oral disorders and oral conditions, and of course the studies of all above things. Dentistry also involves the studies of various techniques to improve appearance of human teeth as well as keeping the oral disease away from us. Physician and healthcare experts, who are specialist in dentistry are called dentist. There is a considerable unawareness about the limits of work of a Dentist, as most of the people believe that Dentistry is limited to various conditions of human teeth and cures of oral disorders. However, it is not like that; as in dentistry very crucial for the overall health of a human.

Dentistry is not only vast in medical studies, but it is also very vast as a profession. Dental hygienist, Dental Therapist, Dental assistant, and dental technicians are some of the other major professions related to dentistry, about which normal people dont know much.

History of Dentistry

According to the evidence of Indus Valley Civilization, dentistry is found to be one of the most ancient branches of medical science, as it was practiced in 7000 BC, as well. Expert craftsmen of that time used bow drills to treat disorders of teeth, in early days of dentistry. Some ancient evidences dated 5000 BC that described tooth worm has been found in Indian continental, Egypt, China and Japan. Several prehistoric theories related to dental prosthetics, surgeries and dental extractions were revealed by some Romans and Egyptians in the 17th and 18th century BC.

Another interesting historic fact about dentistry is that the word Dentist is an Egyptian word that means Greatest of the teeth. Actually Hesi-Re was the Egyptian, who was honored by the name- Dentist, thus he became the first ever dentist of the history of our world. Dentists from Egypt used gold wires to bind teeth for providing it the ideal positions. Cornelius Celsus was the famous roman writer, who wrote so many things about oral and dental diseases and its cures. Human history has so many text evidences and books that give knowledge of ancient dentistry. However, first ever textbook on dentistry in English language was published in 1685, by Charles Allen called “Operator for the teeth”. In 17th century, Dentistry science of recent times was initiated by the renowned French physician named Pierre Fauchard. He is also known as “Father of Modern Dentistry”.

Dentistry: as profession

To be a dentist, one has to do one of the longest and hardest studies of medical science field. It is very big thing to successfully complete the degree of DDS and DMD that stands for Doctor of Dental surgery and Doctor of Dental Medicine, respectively. India, China, Korea, UK, USA, Japan and several big nations of the world are having famous and reputed educational organization for Dentistry science. Dentist is one of the highest grossing professions in healthcare industry. Hence, if you are going for it; you are on the way of a very bright future. Good luck.

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