Dealing With Crawl Space Problem

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No one needs to tolerate a damp, dirty, and smelly crawl space. The damp condition of crawl space can perpetuate mold growth, wood rot, and consequential structural damage along with ill health for inhabitants of that house because of the airborne mold spores.

Usual signs signaling crawl space problems are – Crawl space ventilation fans, Dirty, damp fiberglass insulation, Dampness or standing water on floor, Open vents of crawl space, Rusting of metal surfaces in crawl space, Mold, Damp, soft and rotten wood, Musty odors, Pests (insects & rodents), and Condensation of water on pipes and other surfaces in the crawl space

Crawl space Waterproofing can be helpful in solving problems of crawl space. As crawl spaces are mostly damp and humid, dirt in crawl space can easily fall prey to mold and mildew which in turn make the space even damper causing structural damage to the wooden framing along with damaging the upper level floors, walls, as well as carpeting. Such a problem can be corrected by using dehumidifiers. The dehumidification systems are much advanced and efficient to dehumidify nearly 5,000 Sq. Ft. of crawlspace. The advanced filtration system is able to clear the air of various airborne allergens. Products for dehumidification and encapsulation make available exceptionally the best solutions to most of damp crawls pace problems. They not only keep your crawl space dry but also rodent free for many years.

Dirty crawl spaces are very common in homes posing many problems as dirt inside a home can spread humidity, odors, and radon gas. A dirty crawl space becomes a home for insects and rodents.

Radon is a radioactive gas that arises from natural decay of uranium found in almost all soils. This gas moves up through the ground into your home through cracks and holes in the foundation. Radon can be trapped in your home and builds to harmful proportions. The trapped radon gas decomposes into radioactive particles and enters your lungs as you breathe. They can destroy the lung tissue and even cause lung cancer over time. This requires immediate repair of any cracks and holes in the crawl space, basement, and foundation.

Crawl spaces are low structures set up straight into the dirt beneath your home and they have a tendency to be saturated by the natural cold of the earth surrounding your home. This coldness cools the air in your crawl space.

There are many ways that you can help maintaining a clean dry crawl space:
1. Installing airtight doors and vent covers to seal the crawl space from the outside air.
2. Get rid of any source of water by installing a crawl space drainage system and sump pump system.
3. Revamp any structural defect by installing support jacks for keeping your floors leveled.
4. Encapsulating and insulating the crawl space with a durable liner, which will also allow you to use your crawl space as a store.
5. Installing energy efficient and self-draining dehumidifier to keep the crawl space dry.

Timely measures in maintaining your crawl space will help avoiding preventable repairs, creating a healthy living environment as well as save money you would spend on your utility bills.

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