Customize Your Necklace with Chain Findings

Does your necklace feel a big too snug? Chain findings will help you add length to it. The right length of your necklace will frame your face, augment your outfit, and showcase your gemstone. This is one reason why you should choose the length correctly when shopping for a piece. Ten- to fourteen-inch necklaces are called collar necklaces, as they closely wrap around your neck. If you want a looser fit than this one, you may consider a sixteen-inch long necklace. It will sit typically around your collar bone, and is sometimes called a choker, locket or strands.

The eighteen-inch necklace is typically longer than the choker; however, they will still sit close to your neck. If you attach a pendant to this length, it will be lying just above the breast bone. This is often called princess necklace and also the most common length, though.

You may consider buying chain findings when you buy a new necklace. The length of these findings is not included when you measure the necklace size. You use these clasps or findings when you want to increase the overall length of your necklace. You may also want to consider how your appearance may get enhanced by a certain length. So, you need to check your body features such as your height, your neck, your face shape, and your body type when selecting a necklace length. This is very important because necklaces are focal points on your body.

Do you love layering your necklaces of similar lengths and wouldn’t know how to do the task? Well, the solution is very simple: just extend them with chain findings. With the help of a pair of pliers, you can extend all your necklaces to the length that you desire. You need to use findings that are similar in weight with your necklaces, even if it does not exactly match.

To start, open the back of your necklace. Once you have decided how much longer you want it, use the pliers to open up one jump ring. Get a piece of chain findings and get it into the jump ring together with one end of the necklace. After closing the jump ring, do the same process with the other end; add the lobster claw for closure this time. Its done! What you’ve got is a necklace that hangs just as where you intend it to hang.

Chain findings are available at all hobby shops locally and at the internet. Whether you are producing your own jewelry as a hobby and just wanting to adorn yourself with your own creations, or you are a professional jewelry designer and maker who sell jewelry for your source of living, you will need to use jewelry making supplies in big quantities. Buying bulk chain findings and other items at wholesale prices will save you big, while ensuring that your needed products are available at any time you need them. You can continue crafting your perfect necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. You need not put these pieces on hold just to run to the nearest craft store to buy your supplies.

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