Custom Bounty Hunter Training Brought You on a Silver Platter

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23/07/2019 – Raleigh, NC, United States – The Bounty hunting industry is thriving today more than ever before, and you leverage on this growing popularity to pursue a career chasing criminal offenders who skip on their bail for huge profits.

At Bounty Hunter Training Academy, we’ve made the process of becoming a Bounty Hunter easier and better. Our Bounty Hunter Training Academy programs and methodologies are specially designed to set you apart in your search for Bounty hunter jobs around your locality or, in fact, anywhere.

See the schedule page on our website for the different Bounty Hunter Training programs around the nation in 20 states. We’re sure that you’ll find a program that suits your needs. We are giving 20% off on our registration fee and waiving a membership(valued at $500.00). The entire rate comes to only $600.00 flat. A $200.00 deposit will secure your seat at any of the courses on our schedule page. You in turn can pay us the balance when you arrive at your chosen location. Register online or by phone at 984-235-1869 for 2019. The next course is located in San Antonio, Texas on July 26-28th.

Mr. Scott Bernstein is the founder of the Bounty Hunter Training Academy, the only nationwide elite tactical training center in the world. The most highly awarded Bounty Hunter/Fugitive Recovery Operative in the nation with Agent of the Year from all the major associations for 20 years. As one of the world’s top bounty hunters, he has captured many fugitives. He is also the founder and director of Child Recovery International (CRI), the only international child recovery agency, which has the world’s highest recovery rates. They have recovered many children and adults—from runaways to those taken by kidnappers and human traffickers.
Feel free to call +1-984-235-4816 or email at [email protected]

About Company:
At the Bounty Hunter Training Academy, will teach you to be productive in disseminating the bail bond file and how to be a profiler to be extremely successful as they give a fresh and new insight that no other Hunter can adopt. Only at this Academy, will you learn that the key to success is the understanding that Fugitive Recovery or Apprehension is a science – Profiling and Criminal Science is instrumental to operational success and excellence. BHTA is the only Academy in the United States and they also train law enforcement, military, SWAT and CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Team) prisons.

Scott is the most recognized Bounty Hunter in history notably for his achievements making approximately 800 live news appearances as an Analyst, profiler and criminal behavioral science expert. He appeared on headline stories in approximately 400 million newspapers and magazines. Scott has been featured and made appearances on all the talk shows, docu-TV, etc. Finally he was featured in 19 documentaries in countries like England, Canada, France, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, and Brazil. A few of them are on his YouTube channel; SerialSavior.

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Mr. Scott Bernstein
Name: Bounty Hunter Training Academy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 984-235-4816 and 984-235-1869
Address: 12412 Angel Falls Road, Raleigh NC 27614, USA
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Mr. Scott Bernstein is the founder of the Bounty Hunter Training Academy, the only nationwide elite tactical training center in the world.

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