Crypto Sportsbook Cloudbet Refusing or Unable To Pay $15,000 (67 Bitcoin Cash) Payout to Customer

Bitcoin and altcoin sportsbook and casino Cloudbet has refused to pay yet another decent sized win, this time for $15,000 to a player going by the name of Efxes. It has caused an uproar in the bitcoin wagering community, and a member of the community was so sick of the alleged scams by Cloudbet that they created a site in regards to the stolen funds. is a site that lays out the details of the latest $15,000 scam. Basically Cloudbet accepted deposits knowing it would be able to use its Terms of Service to steal those same deposits for a large sum. The player Efxes deposited $25,000, lost some down to $15,000 and requested a cashout. Cloudbet has a famous history of not honoring wagers and winnings, and is an established member of the bitcoin wagering community even though it is completely anonymous and its owners are hidden.

The sportsbook & casino is a danger to the community and they need to start by paying out the $15,000 to Efxes. The creator of the site has compiled a long list of previous scams the site has pulled on the community. They are a leech to the communities of cryptocurrency and wagering and need to change- to start by paying out Efxes their $15,000 in winnings, and if not leave for good and start all over creating a new scam. It is outrageous that people still think this is not a thieving corporation. Do not deposit to the site or you may be yet another victim and casualty in the rampage that is Cloudbet. You have been warned! Do not deposit your hard earned coin to Cloudbet or this could be you!

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Author: Rahul Das

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