Crowdfunding Campaign for Smart Sleep Device Somnicloud Launched On Kickstarter

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(December 04, 2017) – Sleep is a greater energizer and restores vigor to the body, described as “Chief nourisher in life’s feast” by William Shakespeare in his play ‘Macbeth’. However, not everyone is able to enjoy a sound sleep unless the conditions are suitable. SomniCloud is a very intelligently designed device that blends temperature, light and sound to create an appropriate ambience for sleeping. Crowdfunding campaign for this smart app has just been launched on Kickstarter.

The device is pre-programmed with temperature, light and sound settings that are scientifically proven. Every setting can be tailored as per needs. Users can stream their own audio and choose from various Sleepscapes. It is intuitive and easy to customize. It comes with a companion iOS or Android app that can guide users in a stepwise process. The whole process is completed in less than 5 minutes.

The apparatus lets users track sleep easily all through the night and includes a Smart Alarm that can assist you in waking up slowly, and not with a jolt, in the morning. The device blends state of the art binaural beat technology with lighting cues, to slowly awaken the brain from a sleepy state. The device tracks sleep stages all through the night. In the morning, it offers full insight into sleeping patterns along with custom tips for sleep improvement from experts.

About Smart Sleep Device Somnicloud:
This is a completely automated device that allows users to set it and leave it to do its work. The Smart Alarm in the device helps wake up users easily in the morning in a gradual way. It can be plugged into the pods that come along with the device, and kept on the night stand. For other types of placements, mounts are also provided along with the package. It comes without any pillow attachments, wristbands or straps.

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Somnicloud is an intelligent sleep device that creates the best sleep ambience, and a crowdfunding campaign for the app has just been launched on Kickstarter.

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