Crimp Beads: Uses, Types and Buying Tips

Crimp beads are jewelry findings, small in size, used to finish off a bead work or to act as spacers in a beading project. This bead needs only to be slipped over the wire and crush it with a pair of pliers; the connection is then sealed, so the beads will be prevented from falling off the jewelry wire. Crimp beads can also be used as decorative components of a necklace or bracelet; but they are usually placed close to the clasp of the item.

At pandahall, crimp beads are sold in packs of 50s and 100s, however, you can also find 500-piece packs. Visit the store and make further inquiries, as you may be offered other viable options.

There are many different kinds and shapes of crimp beads at pandahall. The most common of these is a rounded shape that looks similar to the rest of the beads, so they will appear in line, or not out of shape. Some crimps are in the form of tubes and are used in places where they are seen the least, such as close to the clasp. The “ribbed” crimp beads’ surfaces are textured, so when they are used, they appear more in place than when metal tubes were used.

When looking for crimp beads at pandahall, be aware of the problem associated with these beads. Some of the crimps can easily break when flattened, especially those that are made from brittle metals. To avoid this problem, buy only precious metal crimps such as solid sterling silver or gold plated ones. Precious metals also give your finished piece of jewelry a touch of elegance.

Pandahall is selling crimp beads made of sterling silver, which is a flexible material as well as inexpensive, especially if you are buying in wholesale lot. Silver does not rust nor corrode and when given the proper care, can hold for many years. You may also opt for silver plated crimps; they look like precious metals and are obtainable at lower prices. However, because the layer of silver becomes thin after the plating process, these silver plated crimps can easily wear away over time.

If you’re an artisan who sells your creations, buying crimp beads from pandahall would be your most economical option. Each bracelet or necklace item will use at least a pair of these crimps and more may be needed to be incorporated in some designs as decorative components. While there are a few sizes of crimps in the market, there is a wide variety of shapes and finishes. This will allow you to streamline your jewelry making process resulting to more business. If you’re a plain hobbyist, you can have more time designing your creations.

Buying and using crimp beads replaces the complexity of tying knots to finish your beaded jewelry project. You just have to fold or crush a crimp bead or two around the ends of an item and the rest of the beads will be held in place. The advantage of using crimp beads over the technique of knotting is that when properly crimped, they will not damage the beading wire and they will not become loose like the knots.

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