Creepy Courier Routes: Haunted Roads in the UK

Have you ever been driving around dusk and seen something strange out of the corner of your eye that disappeared when you took a better look? Or perhaps you’ve been the only one on the road and felt an icy chill run down your spine despite your van being a comfortable temperature. Were you just tired and your mind started playing tricks on you, as it sometimes does when you’ve had a lot of owner driver jobs to complete? Or was it something more sinister and ghostly from beyond the grave?

Hold onto your steering wheel and tighten your seatbelt – because here are some tales of haunted roads in the UK.

Monk-y Business at Stocksbridge Pass, Yorkshire

This bridge has had a creepy past and is said to have been home to multiple spirits over the years. Historians believe that, during the Bronze or Iron Age, it may have been the site of sacrificial rituals. In more recent years, many have said they’ve heard children singing, but have not been able to locate the source of the sound.

And, back in the 1980s, there were multiple reports of a ghostly monk who appeared out of thin air inside of peoples’ cars and caused them to crash. But thankfully, no one has claimed to have seen this ghostly entity in decades, so don’t be too afraid if one of your owner driver jobs take you over Stocksbridge Pass.

The Bloody Bride of Blue Bell Hill, Kent

The backstory of this haunted road is quite tragic. On the evening of 19 November, 1965, a young bride-to-be was driving home after attending her hen party. Unfortunately, she never made it – her car spun out of control and she crashed, killing herself and two of her friends.

Since her death, there have been over 50 reported sightings of her ghost on this road. Some drivers have thought they hit someone but, upon further inspection, found no evidence of anything out of the ordinary. Others have claimed that they gave a young woman a ride, only to have to her disappear in front of their very eyes.

The (Once) Eerie Electric Brae, Scotland

The Electric Brae is less creepy than it is confounding. Motorists report that while they’ve been driving down this road their car suddenly began to roll the wrong way – up the hill instead of down it! For the longest time no one was sure what caused this strange phenomenon. A force from beyond the grave? Aliens? It was quite the mystery. However, in recent years it has been discovered that this unsettling occurrence is simply an optical illusion due to the position of the horizon. The landscape doesn’t actually form a slope, it only appears to. So this is definitely a road to keep an eye out for.

So what do you think? Are these ghost stories real or do they all have a logical explanation, like the Electric Brae? It certainly gives you something to ponder as you spend long hours on the road doing all those owner driver jobs…

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