Considering an iPhone 4s? Here is the important info

For all of us it’s a real joy when we are able to get a product we’ve been yearning for. It is even more satisfying when we can get a deal that allows us to save some money without compromising too much. While looking for the best iPhone 4s deals, it is very important to keep your specific needs in mind so that you end up getting what you actually do need.

Before getting into which are the best deals for the iPhone 4s, its wise just to recap why the iPhone 4s is worth the praise lavished upon it. For this we have to journey within its stylish glass casing and venture far into the depths of Apple’s advanced technology.


The lifeblood of any gadget these days is the motherboard, housing the processor and the chipset, as well as the necessary RAM. This 4s is no different, except for the fact that the processor, in this case the A5 is a system-on-a-chip. This SOC means that everything from the processing unit, to the DDR memory and the chipset associated with the communication of the processor with its environment is all within the square black chip.

Different iPhone 4s users cherish the phone for different reasons. To some, it is the clarity in the images and videos captured by the phone, whilst for others it is the super-intuitive interface and superb apps. There are many factors that can help you get the best iPhone 4s deals and we will address some of them below.

I have no upfront money to acquire good iPhone 4s deals

If this is your concern, worry no more. IPhone 4s dealers have come up with enticing deals, which allow you to have the phone without any upfront money. This however means that your monthly costs will be higher. A good example is the EE £26 per month deal for a white 16 GB iPhone 4s. This comes with 500 minutes and unlimited texts. However, you can choose to add only £1 per month and acquire the same phone from O2 but with both the texts and minutes being unlimited.

Imagine that… the worlds gone bonkers. Theyre giving away a perfectly good phone for next to nothing. All that computing power and not a brass farthing upfront. Its unbelievable that the iPhone 4s, with its 3G-ready, 8MP camera can be owned for zero money up front.

But, of course, I jest. The fact is that the phones are priced into the contract. Its just that the consumer is given the opportunity to own one while the service provider gets a 2-year, locked-in customer. There is a mutual trade-off. You pay for it all right; its just not so hard to find the money.

Downloads are the thing for me

If you are always online, on YouTube or you simply cant do without data, you will probably find that iPhone 4s deals that allow you to have unlimited data will appeal to you. There are several options to choose from but the £26 EE offer for a white 16GB iPhone 4s with unlimited texts and 500 minutes seems like real value for money.

For me, I surf the web a lot and I travel a lot so my video calls use up a lot of bandwidth. So I did choose the unlimited package. I am a heavy user, I listen to streaming radio all the tiem. I upload lots of photos to the cloud when I travel and I watch movies when I am bored at the departure lounge. Even with all this, I only use about 8GB monthly. So figure out how much you use, and get the plan that suits your profile.

Unlimited or not? Bear in mind that unlimited broadband often has usage caps and fair usage policies. You will not be able to use 100Gb of data on the majority of mobile contracts. In fact you wont be able to get 25Gb in most contracts.

I simply cant stop calling

The first thing that will excite you if you are the kind of person that is out all day is the long battery life offered by the IPhone 4s. The next thing is to look for the best deal that maximises your call time. There are several deals to choose from and your choice could depend on preferred service providers, coverage checks, cost or even a combination of the three. The £27 O2 offer for a white 16GB iPhone 4s with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data is a fairly good and balanced deal. However, if you rarely use data, you could opt for the cheaper £26 EE offer, which gives you the same deal but with 250 GB of data instead.

Texts are my thing

This is the CatID with the most varied options. Your preferred service provider and cost will most likely govern your choice. EE will give you unlimited texts for £15.50 whereas Vodafone and O2 will give you unlimited texts for £21 and £17 respectively.

I am a jack of all trades

If you are a fairly balanced consumer, you need to look for the deal that allows you to have enough of everything at the best price. The £27 O2 offer for a white 16GB iPhone 4s with unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data looks like really good value.

Whatever your habits, they are personal. The best iPhone 4s deals for you will not be the same as those for your brother, your mother or your wife. Choose your plan wisely. It is the difference between staying within your budget or paying more every month than you had anticipated.

Top Tip

Make sure you do a coverage check on providers. This may involve:

Buying a cheap SIM to try out the coverage
Speaking to family, friends and neighbours about their coverage
Using one of the many online coverage checkers
Asking providers if they offer a coverage trial period

Make sure you don’t get tied into a contract with a provider that has poor reception in your main usage location. It would be extremely frustrating.

When Sam Jones wanted an iPhone 4s deal for his wife, money was no object. However, he managed to find himself a really affordable deal by using uSwitch and other price comparison sites.


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