Company Offers Brand New Way For Private Owners To Sell Their Diamond Rings

A leading diamond information platform is offering a new way for private owners to sell their diamond rings . Diamond Registry is adding a brand new range of services to their business model to help private owners sell their rings at the right price. The new services include diamond evaluations to ensure that the owner knows exactly how much their ring is worth on the market and help selling to ensure that they get the maximum price for their diamond.

Diamond Registry is aware that people selling their diamond rings is not a new occurrence. People choose to sell for a variety of reasons from a divorce to the chance at gaining a beautiful new upgrade. However, according to the company, many sellers often face a loss due to not having enough education about the ring in question. Due to a lack of understanding, these sellers can often be convinced to sell at less than the ring is worth. Or, they get pulled into online auctions where the ring sells for a fraction of its value.

Diamond Registry is the world’s largest and extensive diamond information and price platform. Established in 1961, it helps private individuals sell and buy diamonds at the right price. Due to the link, it provides between diamond producers and diamond sellers, the company has become known as the ‘matchmaker’ of the industry.

Their new services will provide a wide range of benefits for diamond ring sellers. Perhaps the most apparent is that diamond ring owners will no longer risk selling their diamond jewelry for less than it is worth. With a vast amount of information and no shortage of expert support, ring owners will know exactly how much their product is worth.

Diamond Registry’s CEO Nissan Perla explains: “I discovered that there is a lack of understanding on how to sell your diamond. With my 35 years of experience, I feel obliged to share my knowledge as I am at the heart of the industry. At the same time obviously, the industry is getting beautiful merchandise back on the market without taking advantage on those who don’t have all the facts.”

Due to its position in the heart of the industry, The Diamond Registry is perfectly poised to help diamond sellers locate an international buyer, anywhere in the world. With this guarantee, they can find the best price for their diamond product on the market. The information on the ring is provided through a free appraisal allowing customers to find the information they need without spending a single dime.

The Diamond Registry can also provide sellers with a completely hands off way of moving their diamond on the market. The company is able to place the diamond product on the market and then when the offers come in, present these to the customer. At that point, they will be offered advice on how to choose the right buyer.

The company hopes that these news services will help ensure that the diamond trade market becomes a level playing field for private sellers.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the new services can view their website where a diamond quote can be processed. Or, the company can be contacted directly with the information provided below.

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