CoinCorner Launches New Affiliate Program

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UK based bitcoin exchange, CoinCorner, has recently announced the launch of its new affiliate program. The affiliate program is designed to open up the bitcoin wallet accounts that CoinCorner provides and allow the vibrant CoinCorner community to share in the revenue of the company. By providing a financial incentive, those promoting CoinCorner will now be able to profit financially for every active user they refer.

Aspiring affiliates are able to access their unique affiliate link by signing up with CoinCorner and accessing the affiliate page . Once registered, affiliates are encouraged to share their link and promote CoinCorner by writing blog posts, sending emails, sharing on social platforms or placing a banner ad on their website.

The all-new affiliate program allows for users to be paid for person they refer to CoinCorner and becomes active on the platform. Each affiliate stands to earn £10 per person for every person who is referred, via their affiliate link.

Marketing Specialist, Lucy Turner of CoinCorner said: “The launch of our new affiliate program signals our desire to align the earnings of the company with those of our community.

It is important to us to reward those who are spreading the word about CoinCorner and it is our goal to establish one of the most rewarding bitcoin affiliate programs around today.”

Additionally, the launch of the new affiliate program is an acknowledgement of the rapidly growing affiliate industry, which is currently worth over $6.8 billion and is becoming increasingly more professional.

About CoinCorner

CoinCorner Ltd is an Isle of Man based bitcoin exchange and wallet provider, whose aim is to increase the global adoption of cryptocurrency by providing easy to use technological solutions.

CoinCorner Ltd
Phone: +44 1624 827858
Address: CoinCorner, Level 6 Victory House, Prospect Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1EQ, UK
Email: [email protected]

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