Coin Bandits Has Posted A Project On Indiegogo for Artificial Intelligence Decision Support Tool


Calgary, Canada (May 26, 2018) – Coin Bandits is highly excited about bringing the Artificial Intelligence decision support tool to the market. To make sure that everyone knows about the existence of such a tool, they have posted it on Indiegogo. Their purpose of launching this tool to the market is the thought that every other business should benefit from this tool as they benefited themselves.

With the help of this tool, businesses can easily turn the odds when it comes to crypto trading in their favor and they need not have to do any guesswork. The founders of this tool have spent nearly two and half years not just for developing, but also for extensively testing this tool and they have now prepared the tool to the benefit of everyone.

This tool is not just for businesses, but also for everyone, who is or has even thought to become a cryptocurrency trader. The purpose of this tool is to make crypto trading not just safe, but also predictable and easy. With this tool, traders can start winning at their trading, as against guessing.

The founder of Coin Bandits organization Mr. Andrew Laster has posted this project on Indiegogo and he says “This system has been built for you, we want to get it in your hands, so this campaign is all about getting the word out and getting it to anyone that wants to use it”. As the launch was already done by the founding team, they are not looking for any funding. If any individual is interested in trying this powerful tool, the founder promises that they will have the tool launched in his hands on the 29th of May 2018.

Coin Bandits have named this tool as the Bandit. The platform is created as a custom built streaming intelligence platform. The good thing about this tool is that it will effectively predict the moves of the market and will increase the returns from the cryptocurrency trading for the users beyond which they can get on their own.

Another attractive feature of this tool is that it will guide the user towards the best decisions when it comes to trading. When they use the tool correctly, the users will experience that this tool can change their losing streak back into a winning stream. Even, it will help winners to further enhance their wins.

It is created as an easy-to-understand and use tool. The intuitive indicators and gauges permit the users to quickly understand what they should do in an investment or trade immediately after they look at the screen.

About Coin Bandits:
Coin Bandits was conceived by financial professionals led by the founder Andrew Lester. The tool was created with the deep domain expertise and out of the first-hand frustration about the absence of such a tool in the market.
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Crypto trading in something most businesses opts for these days. To help them, Coin Bandits has posted a project on Indiegogo to popularize their AI decision support tool for crypto trading.




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