A lamp that doesn’t give off enough light for what you need it for is of no use, and before buying any lamp, always verify the power rating. It is no good buying a lamp that cannot take a bulb stronger than 40 watts if you are trying to illuminate a dark corner of your room, or you need 100 wattage to do the job.

If you are buying cheap lamps and trying to use the correct wattage, never use a higher watt bulb than the lamp is designed to take. It’s OK to use a lower watt bulb; for example, you can safely put a 60 watt light bulb in a lamp that is able to take a 150 watt bulb. Too much wattage can cause the lamp to overheat, lead to a short circuit or in extreme cases, cause a fire. Reading the manufacturer’s information will also tell you what type of bulb you can use; for example a halogen bulb or an incandescent light bulb.

A halogen bulb emits a strong, white light that is excellent for reading even in a dark room, and these bulbs are ideal for those who don’t see well. If you are looking at fluorescent light bulbs, make sure the bulb is bright enough to allow reading, as they come in various shades. However, spending too much time under fluorescent lighting can lead to headaches and you may want to opt for another type of lighting to read by, especially if your office has fluorescent lighting.

In order to read, you need an adequate source of light about every ten feet if the room you are in doesn’t have overhead lighting. To ensure you can read comfortably at any time of the night or day, a 3 way bulb is a practical solution, or two lamps that can each take a 100 or 150 watt bulb.

You should have a small reading lamp on each desk in your house, and you can make sure the light is focused on the paper by putting the right cover on the lamp. This can help to minimize eye strain, which is especially important if you find yourself doing a lot of work or study at home.

Energy efficient bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy and last longer than regular bulbs, saving you time and money and of course, they reduce the amount of landfill waste too. In fact, an energy efficient bulb will typically last at least 10,000 hours and there are plenty of brands available.

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