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A devoted company ensures that they provide the best service offer and also state of the art processing equipment to their clients. Their products are also utilised for various recycling purposes. They also constructive contribute to the environment by manufacturing eco-friendly products. The manufacturing company basically produces Shear, Non-Metal Baler, Metal Baler, Scarap Metal Shredder, Scrap Metal Baler, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, and Compressor.

All the products manufactured from the company have been applied successfully to the National Circular Economy Park. The products coming out of this manufacturing division has already received accolades from different sects. The market and social approval means that Huahong process safe and standard products. After 20 years of experience, the company can vouch to become the best name out there in the international market.

Their technical innovation punched with standardized production elements and amazing research solution. They have created construction based products for investment and best marketing system. The company also participates in revising different types of industries. This they supervise with MIIT. Up till now, the industry has had 74 patents. A complete set of automobile dismantling equipment is made by the company. The scientific and technological advance programmed solutions have helped many other companies because of Huahong technology.

The technical system – “Three Stations, Two Centres” and also National Postdoctoral Workstation, Academician”, Graduate Workstation, Jiangsu Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Hydraulic Project Technique Research Center.

About Huahong Technology
The production system executes the best quality control management. The management chain owns different kinds of sets of the best precision. They manufacture NC production and advanced precise quality equipment and the best quality testing method. The basic annual capacity of the company is about 4200 sets. The marketing system has already covered the entire China and their products have appealed the world at large.

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