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SHANGHAI, CHINA (February 03, 2018) – The use of ceramics and materials derived from ceramics dates back to the Ming dynasty which was present in the 15th century. At that point of time, ceramics were considered to be a luxury item. Vases made of ceramics were considered to be extremely expensive and seen only in the houses of the upper class personnel or the palaces. In today’s age however, the use of ceramics has become very common. Most households tend to have quite a large number of objects which have their base as ceramic.

“A ceramic is a material which, technically speaking, is comprised of different types of chemical bonds, with metal, non-metal and metalloid particles being held together. They are almost amorphous in nature. Its properties such as electrical conductivity, hardness and toughness are quite difficult to define. Technicalities aside, ceramics can be of different varieties. These include alumina, zirconia and silicon carbide. An object made of alumina ceramic can have a great many benefits when it comes to manufacturing. Alumina ceramics are used in food processing, research, automotive and defense industries as well”, stated a representative of the company.

“When it comes to the alumina ceramics available at Shanghai Advance Ceramics, we make sure that each batch is rigorously tested by our experts. We leave no stone unturned to deliver to our clients the best alumina ceramic available in the market”, said the representative.

About Advance Ceramics:
Advance Ceramics is a ceramic manufacturing company based in Shanghai, China. They provide ceramics of exceptionally good quality for various industries. They aim for cost –effectiveness, with an environmentally friendly production procedure at the core of its operation.

For more information, visit http://advance-ceramics.com/

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Company Name: Shanghai advance ceramics precision technology co.,ltd
Address: 300, Xuanhua Road,Changning area,Shanghai,China
Owner name: jack
Phone Number: +86 21 3387 6980
E-mail: info@advance-ceramics.com


Advance Ceramics Representatives Talk about the Company’s Recent Success.

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