Cemetery Thefts Increase Demand for Theft Deterrent Urns and Vases

Cemetery thefts are an ever growing problem across America and are continuing to drive demand for alternatives to metal vases. Metal cemetery vases used to memorialize loved ones at a gravesite have been reported stolen in the thousands all over the nation. Several cemeteries have reported losing hundreds of cemetery flower vases in a single weekend. Vases are traded as scrap metal for cash with little or no consequence to the thief. Families or cemeteries are left to deal with the replacement with no guarantee that it wont be stolen again. Even with heightened security measures thieves are still finding ways to sneak in and get away. It was this problem that prompted ForeverSafe Products, a line of high quality, versatile replacement vases that are of no value to a metal thief, but still have the beauty of metal or marble.

ForeverSafe vases are high quality polyethylene available in eight finishes to blend seamlessly with marble, granite and metal grave markers. The ForeverSafe replacement vase comes with a special plate that will fit into most existing in-ground canisters. It is also sold as a complete in-ground canister set. In addition to a theft deterrent, polyethylene is widely recognized for its durability and lifespan. ForeverSafe cemetery vases are impervious to the elements and can be used in freezing conditions without the risk of cracking.

The increasing theft in cemeteries is prompting people within this industry to seek products made from alternatives to metal. Many of the replacement products available are cheaply made, often overseas. ForeverSafe Products are made in the USA of the highest quality materials utilizing the most innovative production methods. Many retailers with customers concerned about these issues now offer the best in quality and longevity by choosing ForeverSafe products.

Granger Industries is a manufacturer of the highest quality rotationally molded products. ForeverSafe Products is a division of Granger Industries which also includes Granger Plastics Company and Granger Aerospace Products. To learn more about ForeverSafe Products please visit www.foreversafeproducts.com or www.grangerplastics.com or contact us at 513-424-1955. To learn more about Granger Industries please visit www.grangerindustries.com .

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