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Working with a resume builder is a great way to get the resume advice that you need to make your application truly stand out from the crowd. There are lots of books, articles, and other resources on the market to assist you with constructing your res

The acceptance or rejection of any resume is done under just 30 seconds. This is why every article on resume writing and career counselors say that it is important that a resume should be to the point and concise.

The resume is your marketing tool

Writing is resume has always been a daunting task for the young graduates you are just out of their college. Thankfully, there are career guidance departments in almost every college who guide the students about everything from writing cover letter a

There is no doubt that when you go on a career search campaign you need to be disciplined, full of positive energy, optimistic approach, and realistic targets. The fact that you are answerable to only yourself you need be ready to take complete respo

If you do not plan to be an entrepreneur then definitely you have to apply for a job at some point of time. Sometimes even teenagers take up a job to fund their college education. Therefore, what would you do once you chose to take up a job? During p

The right technique always helps, even when you are searching for a job. No matter whether you are a newbie and recently graduated candidate or an older professional, you need to follow the right technique to land the right job. A better-written resu

Cover letters are that particular piece of letters that tells about you in a much-summarized way. The cover letter should always begin with the Title – the job you are applying for along with the name of the company and a short summary outlining your

If you are someone who is in the phase of applying for job, then you must have definitely come across a whole lot of articles on honing your skills in writing cover letters and resumes. Write an effective resume, tips on writing cover letters, how to