Deals on Wheels: How to Save on Car Hire

At best, renting can be affordable, flexible and fun. There’s less waiting around, more freedom and more control than other means of transport. Forget rushing to airports and train stations – hiring a car opens up a whole world of exploration.

It d

Restaurants to Try on a Fantastic Foodie Road Trip

Are you a foodie off on a tasty road trip around the UK in search of the best restaurants around? Then you’re in luck – we’ve got a list of some eateries you’ve simply got to taste test. Hire a vehicle, purchase some car rental excess insurance, pack

Hiring a Car? Here’s What You Should Check on Your Rental Vehicle

If you’re renting a car, you’ll want to make sure you take a few necessary precautions to ensure you’re not ripped off by the business you’re getting your vehicle through – especially if you haven’t used them before. The first step, of course, is to

3 Easy Ways to Reduce the Stress of Airports

There aren’t many people who enjoy airports. They are notoriously stressful and can have even the most seasoned holidaymakers dreading the beginning and end of their getaways. Luckily, we have some clever tips and tricks to ease the pain of travellin

Top Stops on a Road Trip Through England

Summer is in full swing and it’s common knowledge that one of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather is by taking a road trip around England. Sure, going abroad is a lot of fun, but why not take the time to explore the cultural attractions that are

Things You Should Know About Overseas Car Hire

Thinking about hiring a car for your next getaway overseas? Before you sign any documents with the rental company, it’s important to make sure you’re clued up about what to expect. Even if you’ve rented vehicles before, there are a few things you may

Car Hire Excess Insurance: Know the Basics

Renting a vehicle is a great way to gain some freedom if you’re going on holiday abroad, but it’s not always as simple as it may first appear. There’s a lot of paperwork to read and sign, not to mention licence and identity checks – and that’s even b

Car Hire Insurance Abroad: What You Need to Know

Cars are rented in countries all over the world for all kinds of different holidays, business trips or family visits. Whilst the reason for hiring a car may vary, all too often travellers face the same problem of being hit with outrageously expensive

Your Guide to the Loss Damage Waiver

None of us enjoy reading the fine print on a detailed document but it can be vital to avoiding hidden costs or extra fees that a company is trying to unfairly push on you. There are plenty out there that are trying to confuse and overwhelm customers

Why You Need Car Hire Excess Insurance

If you’re new to car hire, making sure you’re fully aware of all the ins and outs of your rental agreement is a must. Even those who have signed rental contracts before may be in need of a refresher – particularly when it comes to car hire excess ins