Many people set up their homeowners insurance when they buy their house and then forget about it—except to make payments. Yet, it makes practical sense to consider it each year to make changes that are needed and to perform tasks that support it a

When purchasing insurance, building owners must determine exactly what they require before deciding on policy coverage. While basic building insurance coverage provides protection from fire, smoke damage, vandalism, explosion, earthquake and some oth

Insurance companies and comparison sites spend millions of pounds on marketing building and descriptions insurance, and appear to be hungry for business. Television adverts and billboards are constantly giving the message that comparison sites can sa

Your Protection Portfolio

No one likes to think about the possibility of serious illness, natural disasters, job loss or death. Nonetheless, these events do occur, frequently despite your best efforts to prevent them. One way to lessen the adverse e

It might seem strange to some consumers that, while the purpose of auto insurance is to pay for damage and injuries resulting from auto accidents, having an accident or receiving a traffic citation can hurt their chances of securing and maintaining c