If you are a fan of making jewelry, you will already know that there are infinite possibilities in terms of materials you can use. One of the most versatile, however, is jewelry wire. This wire allows you to make a wide range of pieces, both by itsel

Every jewelry maker will have some loose beads at some point or another. It may be because you bought these beads loose in the first place or simply because you have a lot of leftover ones from various projects. No matter the reason, it is important

It can be tempting to think of ‘discount beads’ as being synonymous with ‘low-quality beads’, but if you look in the right places then this really needn’t be the case. Discount beads can be a great way to build up your collection, especially if you’r

If you make jewelry, chances are that you have some extra plastic beads lying around that are simply leftover from previous projects. Instead of throwing these out or never using them, they can actually be a great way to get your children interested

You will find that today, a very popular choice for people are Pandora bracelets and beads. These are a great choice, they look outstanding, and they have so many choices that you can pick from. Pandora is a great company with great Pandora glass b

When you think of acrylic beads, theres a reasonable chance youre thinking of something that seems cheaply and shoddily made a plastic knock-off of a higher-quality and more expensive bead made from a different material. Thats a shame,

Are you looking for new beads that you can make necklaces and bracelets with? A popular option today are acrylic beads and there are many people that are starting to use these more and more. There are many benefits to using these acrylic beads, the

‘Cheap beads is not synonymous with ‘low-quality beads, but you might need to spend a little time learning how and where to shop for them before you can really reap the benefit of that truth. If youd like a quick, handy guide to the kind

If you are looking for a great hobby, there is something that you can do with cheap beads and they are a great idea. Beads are great and there are a ton of hobbies out there, these are a quality choice for many things and they are really going to he

Its a sad fact that many crafters put very little thought into the findings they use, simply assuming that something will do the job and clearly thats enough. Thats a shame, because using the right jewelry findings is actually one of the mos