A college degree serves as your ticket to limitless job opportunities. People can get by without going to college but their options will be severely restricted as companies often require tertiary education for their new hires. The problem with colleg

Colleges require essays as part of the admissions application. These essays are used to decide between good students and great students. Colleges are looking for students that will boost their image. There are certain students that would be a perfec

Starting college is a life altering situation. It can be confusing for a teen who is getting to leave home and start a more independent life. Here are five steps that will help a person learn how to choose a college.

List The Pros And Cons

The firs

Having a well written essay is very important for increasing your chances of admission to a University. Admissions read thousands of essays every year to evaluate candidates so just getting their attention is a task to keep in mind when looking for e

Writing your college application essay is the next step after taking the SAT or ACT.

If you have already gotten your test scores and know which school(s) you wish to attend, now is the time to begin thinking about and preparing your college essay.

The following job options can help you with college admissions assistance:

1) Waiting tables. This can be easy money, although you may not like the work as some of my college friends found.

As a general rule, you can expect to get bigger tips at th

Because of tremendous convenience and flexibility, online education has become a lucrative business for virtual school institutions. For this reason, teachers, tutors, administration staff, and more are being hired continuously as the demand for suc