Weird Driving Laws Around the World Couriers Will Find Interesting

If you’re someone who makes a living doing courier jobs, you’re no stranger to spending lots of time driving and adhering to the rules of the road. Most of the laws you come into contact with are to be expected and make sense, such as refraining from

Join a Courier Exchange and Consider Becoming an Owner Driver

Becoming an owner driver in the delivery industry might not be a career you’ve considered. But whether you’re just starting out in the working world or looking to change direction, courier work can be a fulfilling and fun way to earn money and gain e

How Courier Exchange can Help You Deal With the ULEZ

Anyone working in the transport sector has to deal with a lot of changes in a fast-moving and competitive industry. One of the biggest challenges yet comes from measures aimed at reducing the damage to our environment from delivery work.

If you car

Keep Your Courier Business Covered with Business Choice Direct and Courier Exchange

One of the most important parts of doing courier work is ensuring you have the correct insurance cover you need. Of course, it can also be one of the least fun parts of the job, involving a lot of industry jargon, overlapping and competing policies a

Take a trip with Class and Ease with the Corporate Car Service of Virginia

Take a trip with Class and Ease with the Corporate Car Service of Virginia

New In-Cab Cameras: The Pros and Cons

It’s well known that hard working hauliers put in long hours, and driving for extended lengths of time on haulage jobs can make you lose focus remarkably easily. A survey carried out by Commercial Motor among HGV businesses revealed that around one t

Motor Transport Awards 2019: Here Are Your Winners

The 2019 Motor Transport Awards took place recently and, once again, the event was a great success and was attended by many of the big names in the haulage industry. The evening’s proceedings took place at the beautiful Grosvenor House Hotel, and hos

The Industry Prepares for Driver and Mechanic Shortages

A driver shortage in the haulage work industry is a concern that has been looming for a number of years. The FTA recently released its 2019 Logistics Report and has made a prediction that as well as drivers, mechanics, technicians and fitters will al

Make Allocating Work Easier with TopBox and Courier Exchange

In a sector as fast moving and competitive as the courier industry, efficiency is always key. Businesses need to be able to fill drivers’ time with deliveries, make every journey count, meet client needs – and do it all quickly, simply and profitably

Driving Tips for Completing Courier Jobs in Bright Sun

British delivery drivers know to take all kinds of weather conditions into consideration; from heavy rain to even the occasional snowfall. One road hazard that may not immediately come to mind, though, is bright or low sun – after all, who doesn’t lo