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The preservation of film is now becoming an art form in itself. Many film preservation businesses have emerged over the years that get hired by various clients, from ordinary people to movie studios. As time goes on the celluloid of film starts to de

China is a country is Asia which is gifted with a number of colorful cultures and traditions. Actually, one Chinese tradition that has been contributed to the world is Chinese astrology. Many believed that an individual’s personality is defined by th

With the rising prices of traditional cable and the increase in high speed internet access, lots of people are “pulling the plug” on their cable television subscription. With the ultra slim, ultra fast android TV box for Toronto area users, it’s now

If you are an art extraordinaire, you know that paintings are a relevant décor in any structure, may it be your home, your office or even in a public area. Paintings are the representations of what we do. Paintings are the representation of the wor