Can Stem Cells Increase Male Organ Size?

Although there is no factual link between male organ size and sensual prowess, millions of men (and women) continue to conflate the two. It’s no surprise, then, that many men are obsessed with their male organ size, sometimes going to extreme lengths that could imperil their member health in order to add some extra length and/or girth to their manhood. Many have gotten rich by playing on the vanity and insecurity of men who want a bigger member, creating products that by and large do not live up to their promise of increasing the size of a guy’s tool. But several news stories recently talked about a new process one man has tried – using stem cells to enhance his male organ size.

About stem cells

What exactly are stem cells? They are early-stage biological cells which can form other, more specific cells. So think of them as being like a lump of clay. When a sculptor starts out, he has this clay which could become just about anything. He can mold it into a dog, a human head, a bench – whatever he wants. Similarly, a stem cell has the potential to turn into any of a variety of other cells.

There are two kinds of stem cells, embryonic and adult. Adult stem cells have the potential to create a whole organ from just a few cells because of their replication ability.

Adult stem cells are most easily obtained from three places: the bone marrow, body fat and blood. A scientist gets stem cells from bone marrow by drilling into the bone; from fat tissue by way of liposuction; and from blood by extracting the blood and then separating out the stem cells.

Male organ size

So what kind of connection could stem cells have with male organ size? Well, there have been small studies that look at stem cells and tumescence dysfunction. One study took stem cells from body fat and injected them into the members of men suffering from an inability to gain hardness. All 21 of the study subjects reported tumescence improvement, some of them to the degree that they could achieve firmness without other medical assistance.

Recently, an individual – at his own insistence, not due to a doctor or scientist – had his manhood injected with stem cells to see if it would affect his size. The theory seems to be that because stem cells recreate themselves so well and so quickly, they would therefore increase his male organ size.

However, there has been nothing in previous studies of stem cells to indicate that a mere injection could have this kind of focused effect. The subject claims he is bigger now- but he also admits he hasn’t taken a ruler and actually officially measured himself. (If he were part of an official study, pre- and post-treatment measurements would be obtained.)

More importantly, this man underwent an entirely experimental procedure that has no FDA approval and was not set up with safety protocols in place. (Fortunately, he seems to be doing fine.)

It is possible that scientists will create and conduct evidence-based clinical trials to look at the viability of stem cell therapy to enhance male organ size. But for the present, it is not an accepted procedure.

Male organ size, whether stem cell-enhanced or not, is not as important as the health of the organ. More men need to focus on applying a top notch member health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) regularly. It’s best to look at the ingredients carefully and select one that contains powerful moisturizing ingredients, such as Shea butter and vitamin E. Also, a crème with vitamin A is recommended, as this vitamin has anti-bacterial properties that help fight persistent male organ odor.

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