Can I Lower the Ground Source Heat Pump Cost for Installation?

A ground source heat pump is a larger solution that is typically used on bigger homes in colder climates. It draws the heat it uses from the ground around the home and transfers this heat to the house as needed. The installation costs for a system like this can be expensive and many homeowners try and do all they can to lower the ground source heat pump cost. While much of this cost is fixed, there are some things that may help you save money on the installation on your system.

Rebates and Incentives

With the recent surge in green initiatives, there are a number of local and national programs available to help lower the cost for one of these systems. Some of these programs offer vouchers that can be applied to the cost of the equipment and installation and others are rebates you can apply for when the project is completed. The thing to keep in mind is that to qualify for many of these programs you’ll have to have the system installed by a certified contractor and there may be limits to what type of system qualifies for the rebates.

Other rebate programs may offer low-cost loans to help you pay for one of these systems. While this may not be as attractive an option as a grant or rebate, it can help you to afford the upgrade. The nice thing is that you can use these loans to help pay for the project and still qualify for any other rebates and incentives available. These loans are typically long-term financing with low enough interest rates that they can be paid back with the energy savings you’ll realize once the system is installed.

Manufacturers Programs

In addition to any rebates available, many of the manufacturers offer discounts and other incentives for installing their equipment. These sales may be offered directly by the manufacturer or through a local dealer that has been authorized to install the equipment. Checking the manufacturers websites are a good way of staying on top of any ongoing sales that can help you lower the ground source heat pump cost substantially.

Last Year’s Model

Even though new models of these heat pumps are released every year, the changes between the old and new models may be minor. Buying a slightly older model that a dealer still has in their inventory can normally help you find a great system at a discount. These dealers need to sell these slightly older units to make room for new models and may be willing to offer you one at a much lower cost than the newly released model. The manufacturers can help with this as well and may provide discounts to the dealers on these older models to help sell them.

Helping With The installation

A large part of any ground source heat pump cost is in the installation of the equipment. While much of this work requires specialized equipment, there may be things you can do to help with the preparation and cleanup that will earn you a discount. The key thing to remember is to discuss this with the contractor before signing the contract so you know what to expect. You will find that contractors can be very flexible with what work they’re willing to let you do as part of the installation. You’ll need to find one you can work with to save money on these costs.

The installation of a ground source heat pump requires quite a lot of trenching to bury the circulation pipes required for the system. Most contractors will want to install these pipes themselves since the connections need to be fused with special equipment. They may be willing to let you do the trenching or at least clearing the area to save them time. The trenches are fairly standard dimensions and many dealers actually subcontract this work anyway. Once the plan for where the pipes need to be located is settled, the dealer might not mind if you do the trenching for the project as long as you have the skill and equipment required.

Another part of the project that many dealers dread is drilling the holes through the foundation for connecting the circulation pipes to the system. This is a fairly easy and inexpensive task for you to complete if they will let you. The drill needed to make these holes can be rented from a local home improvement store along with the bits. A few hours work might shave a little more money off the ground source heat pump cost and speed up the project as well.

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