Buying Wholesale Jewelry Findings

A piece of beaded jewelry cannot be completed without jewelry findings. These components are used together with jewelry beads in creating necklaces, bracelets and other forms of jewelry. Examples of jewelry findings include bead caps and cones, jewelry clasps, bead spacers, cabochons, earring settings, pendants and charms, jump rings, chain findings and so much more. A good and reliable wholesaler of jewelry findings should be able to offer all these jewelry attachments in different materials, colors, shapes and sizes.

When you need to buy wholesale jewelry findings, how do you want to make the purchase? Would you like to go to an online store like the pandahall, or get your supplies from a craft and hobby local store? If you choose the local craft store, you can save the time waiting for your shipment; you walk into a shop and pick the jewelry findings right then and there after touching and feeling them in your hands. You also would not have to worry about the shipping cost and customs duties.

However, when you buy wholesale jewelry findings from an online shop, such as, you can get more advantages over what are offered by local stores. The first of these advantages is the cheaper prices. Then there is the comfort and convenience of placing the order and waiting for it to be delivered to your door. You might spend time waiting for the shipment, but you can also save it by not going around town visiting one store after another looking for your supplies. Going online does not require you to dress up and spend on gas to get out of the house to find your jewelry findings.

With all the benefits of buying wholesale jewelry findings from pandahall or other online bead stores, there are still some things that need to be considered. These include the shipping cost, delivery time, product quality and safety and payment security. The shipping charges may be ok if you are buying a good amount of findings and other supplies. However, if you are using these things in limited quantity, shipping may cost you more, maybe the same amount of money you spent on the goods. If you can partner with friends or other bead artists, then you may be able to get your findings at low shipping costs.

With regards to product safety and quality, we all know that this is something to be careful of, especially when it comes to the safety of children’s toys and jewelry. Making sure that you have a reliable supplier of wholesale jewelry findings can help you on this aspect. You can trust pandahall to offer you good quality products at the right prices.

There is also the delivery to be considered and it is important that the online store where you placed your order will be true to their promise. If they said, for example, that the wholesale jewelry findings will be ready in 3 days and will reach you in 2 weeks, then that should be expected. Pandahall is always attentive to their customers’ orders and will do everything to satisfy your needs. Its payment method is also very secure; you will never need to worry about your personal information getting stolen by other parties.

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