Ask anyone who loves to go dirtbiking and they will tell you that without a doubt there is no better way to spend your free time then ripping up some awesome trails, flying over killer hills, and catching air to defy gravity for a few heart pounding seconds. It’s absolutely exhilarating and given the choice between the free spirit ride of a dirtbike and a few minutes in a hundred thousand dollar sports car, the hardcore core biker will choose the bike every time.

If you are just getting involved in the dirtbike sport, there are several things you will need to do to get prepared before you actually hop on the bike and take off. You will need quite a bit of gear to wear while on the dirtbike to protect yourself from accidental spills and collisions.

What you should own before getting on a dirtbike:

• Dirtbike Helmet
• Goggles
• Long Pants
• Long sleeved shirt with arm protection
• Gloves
• Boots (Consider off-road riding boots)
• Elbow Pads
• Back and chest protection

Now that we have established what safety gear you should be rocking while enjoying a dirtbike ride, let’s focus in on buying dirtbike helmets.

1. Cost – You definitely do not want to skimp when you buy your helmet. Dirtbike helmets are your first line and last line of defense against potentially fatal head injuries should you take a spill and hit your head against rocks, roots, packed dirt, or even pavement.
2. Fitting the helmet – Definitely avoid buying a dirtbike helmet that fits too tightly. While it may be fairly snug in the beginning, it should become a comfortable, but not loose, fit as the liner compresses.
3. Liner Type – You can buy dirtbike helmets with both a permanent or removable liner. A lot of people recommend a removable liner mainly because it makes cleaning easier.
4. Helmet Material – You will need to consider the different materials that can be used in the making of a helmet. Some might use fiberglass, others may use Kevlar, carbon fiber, or a composite fiber. If you would prefer a lighter weight helmet, Kevlar and carbon fiber are the lighters while remaining incredibly durable against hard knocks.
5. Visor – When you’re looking at dirtbike helmets, make sure the visor is big enough to fit over your goggles. And, remember some visors are attached to the helmet with plastic screws and some use metal screws. When you take a hard hit on the helmet, those using plastic screws are less likely to completely tear up the visor like metal will.

Dirtbiking is a great sport; one that will satisfy the daredevil adventurer in just about anyone. But, you always need to remember safety first so that the good times don’t get permanently KO’d by a bad accident and subsequent injury. Always dress appropriately in your dirtbiking gear and never forget to wear a helmet. Your helmet is a lifesaver and as such should have considerable thought put into which one will be worth your hard earned cash.

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