Bronze Skin Blush Colors.

It makes no difference if you were born with bronze glow, or if you had some benefits of the sun while at a tropical resort. You are going to need to address the issues regarding blush coloring as it relates to a person with bronze coloring of the skin. There are shades of cosmetics for everyone, and so if you are naturally bronze, or currently bronze, shades exist for you that you can exploit to accomplish to look that you are going for.


Bronze cheeks can enjoy a variety shades of bronzing powders because they blend right in with the greatest of ease. A hot pink always goes well with bronze cheek color. If you decide on going for a blush, you can actually infuse some nutrition into your cheek skin by making the choice to use moist, creamy forms of blush.

When considering the various shades of pink, you will do best to avoid lighter pink tones, because such a choice in pink with simply vanish when applied over bronze skin. That very much will defeat you intended purpose, and also leave you feeling as though you have wasted your investment at the cosmetics counter. With bronze skin it also appears best to stay away from the darker berry colored blushes because they seem to have the affect of creating a mud colored look that no one wants to have or to see on a beautiful set of cheeks. What really seems to be effective in the area of blushes for bronze skin, are the shades of bright pink and the shades of coral.

People that have bronze skin can get away with using a variety of cosmetic looks. If you want your blush to be gorgeous and cosmetically correct, one must also consider the eyes. Makeup choices for the eyes will greatly affect whether or not the blush colors for the cheeks are going to be effective or not.

The very best options for the eyes if you have bronze skin, would be the smoky shades of eye color. Smoky kohl eyeliner, dark black mascara, with an Egyptian gold form of eye shadow will surely create the desired effect. Do not forget, kohl was actually one of the first cosmetics in human history, used by the bronze skinned people of ancient Egypt. They knew what they were doing, without a doubt.


When working to emphasize cheek colors of the bronzed skin, it’s not so important to use so much eye makeup. The correct choice of the eye makeup itself it what will affect the choice of blush. Make a soft effort to draw some attention to your eyes by curling the eyelashes and giving some focus to your favorite mascara.

One last thought. Skin tone can be a very individual thing. Advise on blush colors is given with the best of intentions, but you should never forget the power of experimentation. Get with a friend, and share some no so expensive blushes for the purpose of color testing. Over time you are certain to nail the perfect color for you based on the season we are in, and the seasonal changes placed upon us by normal contact with daily sunlight.


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