British Life Skills Offers SELT Examinations for Attaining British Citizenship

The B1 English test is most appropriate for British settlement/Naturalisation/Spouse visa applications and also for extension of spouse visas. On the other hand Level A2 English test is only best for Spouse/Partner Visas and extension of visas. British Life Skills offers SELT exams which are approved by Home office list of qualified providers.

One can also book one out of two approved examinations which are measured by common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)-Trinity College London or Life Skills Test (IELTS Consortium). There is also provided authentic study materials for preparing B1 English test which is listed as SELT (Secure English Language Test).

The examinations are also named as GESE (Graded Examinations in Spoken English). GESE Grade 5 is known as B1 which is for settlement/naturalisation and spouse visa. GESE Grade 3 is A2 which is for spouse/partner and visa extension. It is basically a speaking and listening qualification. In this examination there is one to one communication with examiner. Here certificate is received within seven days.

The examinations include only verbal communication and involve speaking as well as listening. These tests are only conducted in ten locations, namely London Hammersmith, London Holborn, Croydon London, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, Leeds, Glasgow and Peterborough. Tests are taken only at these ten locations which are appropriate for UKVI applications worldwide. To get citizenship B1 CEFR, this certificate for English test is required.

After booking test, person will receive complete access towards the British Life Skills members training area that present online. Candidate will be able to learn and prepare for the exam in suitable way. He or she will be able to know more about the test. He or she will be able to view the questions from past examinations and will receive English grammar lessons in form of reliable videos. More information can be gathered from site and

About British Life Skills:

British Life Skills provides SELT examinations that are approved by home office list of qualified providers. It allows people to qualify A2 English test which is for spouse/partner visas and extension of visas and B1 English test which is for British settlement/naturalisation/spouse visa applications and extensions.

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