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If you’re searching for a simpilar shaving experience and currently utilize a shaving cream, gel or soap, using a shave oil will be quite different. We’ve seen the razor blade companies make many changes to their blades recently. Alternatively, the changes being made to our shaving products have been limited.

To start we have to talk about the razor blades you use. Shaving as we understand it today began with a single blade razor. Razors used today have multiple blades that range from two to five blades. We’re spending more cash on razors with more blades but are we acquiring a better shave? Does adding more blades to our razors really give us a better shave? Having a better shaving surface will give a much better shave then adding more blades.

How does your present shaving gel, shaving cream or soap actually work? There is one goal that all these shaving products have in common. They try to prevent shaving discomfort and razor drag by producing a surface that your razor will glide across. Often you find alcohol in many of these products that will dry your skin. Soaps and lotions don’t preserve a naturally slick surface for your razor. The corporations that make the razors we use today recognize that these products have a limited slip potential. Why do you think the razor companies add the extra lubricating strip to their blades?

Most shaving oils are created with a natural formula of oils scientifically formulated to build a slick surface for your razor. Only the finest shaving oils are manufactured with pure volatile oils. You may never find petroleum based ingredients in these shaving oils. Avoid shaving oils that contain fragrances that can dry or irritate the skin. Pure aromatic oils only just happen naturally from foods or plants.

You will simply need three to five drops to shave with a shaving oil. Ready your face by moistening with luke warm water. Just put three to five drops in your hand and smooth onto the shaving area. Splash on more water after a couple of seconds to rewet the area. A slick surface is fashioned when the area is rewet which will allow your razor to gently glide across your face. Nicks and cuts will be ignored thanks to the smooth slick surface. You will not experience anymore razor burn as your razor will gently glide across your skin. Shaving oils create such a smooth surface that ingrown hair are very rare.

Just towel dry your face after shaving. You will find your face will be hydrated and cool in place of dry and aggravated after shaving. If you want, you can also use a couple drops as an after shave to moisturize your skin. Avoid the use of any aftershave products that contain alcohol after you shave. Alcohol will only dry your skin after the oil has made it so nice and moist. For the optimum results use an fragrance free moisturizer after shaving.

A clean new blade is essential for your first shave when you use a shave oil. Be certain to try a shaving oil three times uninterruptedly to have the best experience. Shave oils may look expensive but they’re not. You may find oils that cost $10 to $15 for a one ounce bottle. Since only a small amount is needed some businesses sell half ounce bottles for around $7. Since you only need a couple of drops per shave one ounce will let you have many shaves. The amount of this fraction of an inch of oil will be well worth the great shave you get.

If you have never tried a shaving oil before then you should

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