Believe it or not, scientists have conducted studies concerning the attractiveness of a man’s goods. For instance, a team of Swiss researchers investigated what women think of men who have had a minor reconstructive surgery. What came out of this study also included factors like what women, in particular, found made the best looking manhood. While they didn’t have specific comments, the conclusion came down to overall genital appearance as the most attractive feature, followed by the hair. This infers that members with a nice coloring, smooth skin, that smell fresh, and have a thoughtfully trimmed private area are the most attractive. So, what can a man do to improve his overall appearance? Here are a few tips for getting an attractive manhood.

Shine it Up – Not literally of course, but a clean member is an attractive member. Be sure to wash regularly and thoroughly, especially in areas that need extra time, like under the sheath; as well as the scrotum, which has ripples that catch leftover oil, debris, and sweat. Use a gentle cleanser with natural ingredients and stay away from anything with harsh chemicals or exfoliants, as the skin here is very delicate.

Groom the Garden – Thankfully, to have the best looking manhood, men aren’t expected to wax all of their hair off as is more socially expected of women. For most people polled, a neat and tidy area is most attractive. Most men only need to trim once per week using either shears or clippers. For men who want to remove all or most of their hair, shaving is an option, as is professional waxing. For all methods, be careful with the delicate skin. After hair removal, use a specially formulated crème, oil, or aloe vera on the area. Do not use aftershave – you will immediately regret it!

Practice Healthy Life Choices – Healthy life choices like maintaining a reasonable weight through eating a diet with a balance of carbs, protein, good fats, and fruits and vegetables, as well as regular exercise, will result in stronger tumescence as a man ages. By keeping a healthy lifestyle, men can hopefully avoid things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking which can cause male dysfunction. Besides being good for a man’s entire health, living a healthy active lifestyle will keep his performance strong and powerful.

Come Regularly – In a Harvard study, it was found that men who came at least 21 times per month had a 33% lower instance of prostate cancer. These men also have greater control and can last longer with a partner, which makes their member the most attractive in the world.

Moisturize – After cleansing and/or shaving the skin, use a specially formulated male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to soothe and enrich the skin. These special creams are intended explicitly for the manhood and should contain ingredients such as vitamins A, C, D, and E, which are noted for their skin-soothing and healing properties. These special cremes also rejuvenate the skin, making it more supple and youthful in appearance. They also ward off redness and minimize discoloration. By following these steps, any man can feel confident he has the most attractive manhood possible.

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