Bead Caps and Acrylic Beads for Jewelry Making

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Bead caps are used to accentuate the beauty of beads or to cover any damage on the beads. They make the jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets look beautiful. A bead cap is a metal ornament or a jewelry finding that is used to add texture and design on beaded jewelry. You can use the caps on acrylic beads to make them more beautiful and to prevent the beads from rubbing together.

Acrylic beads

Acrylic beads are used for projects such as sewing, making jewelry and other projects that require the use of beads. They are made from synthetic materials and they come in different colors. Some may have a transparent look while other beads may be shiny. You can make your project stunning by using acrylic beads with bead caps.

Some of the benefits of the acrylic beads are that they can be made into various shapes because acrylic is flexible. It also retains form and color, the same characteristics that you find in the beads. This makes the beads popular in many craft projects.

There are different types of acrylic beads. You should select the beads that are suitable for your project. Some of the beads are used as spacers in the project. For instance, if you are making a necklace, most of the beads will be spacers since they form the necklace. These beads are available in different colors and shapes. The end beads are used at the end of the project, in this case the necklace.

Accent beads are used to make your project more attractive and they are better looking than the spacer beads, though they are used together. In case you are making a necklace with only one bead hanging down, then you should chose a pendant bead, which is a larger bead.

Choosing the right bead caps for the acrylic beads

The bead caps that you choose for your project with the acrylic beads should depend on your project. The caps are used with headpins that hold the beads and the caps together. Before you buy the bead caps, you should decide on the shape and size of the beads you are using. Smaller caps can be used as toppers on the beads while larger caps can be used for covering blemishes on a bead. You can also use caps of various sizes on the beads.

Make sure that you match acrylic beads and the bead caps of the same shape. If the bead is oval or sphere, you should use round caps. If the beads have an irregular shape, then you should use specialty caps.

You may also choose bead caps based on their finish. Most caps have a metallic finish although acrylic bead caps are translucent or in bright colors. Some of the metallic finishes are: gold bead caps, copper bead caps, brass bead caps and silver bead caps. Your choice of the bead cap finish to use should depend on the beads you are using.

Using bead caps on the acrylic beads will make your project attractive. Make sure that you use the right cap with the right bead.

Having an ever-growing desire for all things handmade has seen the author perfect his art of using acrylic beads and other readily available material to make bead caps that are affordable to all people, yet profitable to him.

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