Basketball Positions – A Breakdown of Who Does What

How lots of unique basketball positions are there, and what do they do? If your asking oneself this question, then retain reading simply because I will be breaking down each variety of basketball position and the function that is needed for every individual playing the position. Get more facts about click to read more

Point Guard

The point guard; the number 1 position, is normally the player using the best basketball handling abilities and in a large amount of cases is deemed the team leader. As compared to football, a point guards function would be the equivalent of the function for any quarterback. The role of primarily becoming the team captain, and its his job to maximize team efficiency and attempt and create as numerous assists as possible. My favored NBA Point Guards are as follows: Pistol Pete Maravich, AI(Allen Iverson),Jason Williams(when he played for the Sacramento Kings, was constantly enjoyable to watch), and Steve Nash. Normally, point guards are likely to be smaller, typically below 6′ in higher school level ball, and the frequent size in the NBA is 6’4?. There is the occasional point guard that will exceed this prevalent typical, one example is LeBron James is 6’8? and can play point guard sometimes.

Shooting Guard

The shooting guard; the number 2 position, is reserved for the team’s most effective shooter. A fantastic shooting guard needs to be in a position to make a wide range of shots, ranging from layups, bank shots, mid-range jumpers, and in some cases 3 pointers. A shooting guard also have to posses the capability to dribble and pass effectively so they are able to create a shot for themselves or a person else. As you can see a shooting guard should have a wide ability set.

Little Forward

The small forward; the number 3 position, is considered to become one of the most dexterous with the 5 basketball positions. This really is as a result of fact that a smaller forwards role can resemble playing as a power forward and even as a shooting guard. The Small forward and Shooting guard positions is often one on the similar in some cases.

Power Forward

The power forward; the number 4 position, consists of playing down low with the significant guys and in some cases getting to body up and lock down the reduce blocks. The power forward is also frequently referred to as the post position. An excellent power forward may have the potential to post up around the low blocks, and be able to play with his back to the basket. Also, on defense the power forward normally plays around the low blocks on a zone, or he would guard the opposing teams #4 player.


The center; the number 5 position, also typically referred to as “the pivot” will commonly play close to the baseline or anyplace near the basket. The tallest player generally gets the pleasure of possessing this basketball position. The center generally leans on there rather huge physique to work about the basket for points as well as rebounds. A center which is tall and posses athleticism and skill, can pose an unmatchable asset to a team.


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