Award Winning Revolutionary Holographic Speaker System From Newaudio US Proudly Launched On Kickstarter


(May 22, 2018) –NewAudio US selects Kickstarter as the launch platform for introducing the Emergence AS8 Audio system, featuring Acoustic 3D’s one of its kind ‘reflector ‘technology which is credited as the next revolution in acoustic experience. Its impeccable design is a perfect synthesis of cutting-edge functionality and high aesthetics has won accolades as the winner of Australian Design Award. It delivers magnificent sound quality and unparalleled sound clarity, simulating ‘sense of being’ in a live recording/performance.

It is comprised of two sleek satellite speakers and a central amplifier/bass component to stabilize the sound platform. The Emergence AS8 incorporates the essential proprietary hardware and software to create a unique sound signature called ‘acoustic hologram’. This sound configuration is experienced as a true 3D Audio Hologram because it is a pure and perfect fractal of the original sound.

It features analog (RCA and 3.5 mm phono) and coaxial, optical and USB digital inputs. It effortlessly connects and accepts wireless signals from sources like Wi-Fi/Airplay and every Bluetooth interfaces, maintaining the sound quality. Powered by an inbuilt Class D amplifier, a source of 120 watts of power with a THD of better than 2 parts per million is better and power efficient.

It is equipped with a trendy infra-red remote control enabling source selection, volume control, and sound muting. It’s unique and salient features include simple plugin set up, superior design, flexible connectivity options, being energy efficient, easy control and high compatibility. This is one of the initial products planned using ideal point – source technology.

The speaker system holds the pride of being one of its kinds, futuristic and trailblazing sound system which is also the winner of Australian Design Award. NewAudio US claims that these are speakers the get rid of room reflections. Also, the stereo perfect imaging in the entire listening environment with the help of fractal-based diffusion.

With a strong background in audio/visual media, James, the founder in collaboration with ingenious visionary, Joe Hayes, successfully launched the AS8 Holographic speakers in the United States market. His zeal to introduce the incredible A3D technology to every loudspeaker manufacturer on the market is leading NewAudio US to scale new heights.

About Newaudio US:
NewAudio US evolved with a conceptualization of bringing unparalleled sound experience through the integration of innovation, precision, and technology. The company is a dream envisioned by multimedia professional James Orr, aspiring to break barriers and scale new frontiers in sound experience. He is also the man behind Orr Media Company and Sound Hive Studio. Ardently inspired by his father, Ted Orr who is a pioneer himself in the world of audio industry, James attended and observed thousands of gigs alongside his father, developing a passion for art, digital workflows, and media at an early age.

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NewAudio US, a company making its mark in innovative tech-driven audio systems, in association with Kickstarter the largest funding platform, launches the Emergence AS8 Holographic Speaker System.


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