Tornado Shelter Leader Offers Storm Protection At 2013 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

Tornadoes have been creating chaos in America over the last couple of years. The December 25, 2012 episode wounding 8 and leaving 150,000 people without power have people thinking of this sort of storm happening at any time as a means of life instead

LD 3 AKN Air Cargo Container Ultimate Load Test Video Hits Internet

Air Cargo Container manufacturing leader, Granger Aerospace has recently launched its online video of the Granger Aerospace Products LD 3 AKN, the forkliftable version of the LD 3 AKE Air freight Container efficiently finishing the FAA’s ultimate ton

Plastics Company Sees Demand For Recycled Materials Increase

Recycled plastic is being found in more and more products by request of both consumers and manufacturers. Recycling plastic is a service many cities see as beneficial enough to offer as a part of standard waste management package. Consumers see remin

Tornado Shelter Dealer Network Grows In Kentucky

Granger Plastics Company continues to make the highest quality tornado shelters easily available by establishing its network of Granger ISS storm cellar dealers. By including By Pass Homes to service eastern Kentucky the company now has a substantial

Medical Backboards See Rotational Molding Innovations For Spinal Boards

Bandel Innovations, LLC., introduces the WauKboard, a medical backboard with built-in features of a dolly. The WauK boards primary purpose is to prevent back injuries for first responders when extricating patients from tight or difficult to access

IBC Container Distribution Channel Increases Demand

Granger Plastics Company has added a distribution channel for its Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) products by being published in a product distribution magazine. Granger has made Intermediate Bulk Containers (known as IBCs) for many years. IBC C

Tornado Shelter Sales Spike Late in Season

Tornado Shelters are in high demand even in the off season. Rare winter tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia are keeping the deadly storms on the minds of residents in tornado prone areas. Tornado Shelter sales are spiking early in the season which usual

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter Choice Was

Tornado shelters are not a thing most people purchase on a whim. Most consumers heavily research a purchase of this size, very similar to that of an automobile or appliance. There is information available on the internet as well as a number of outlet

Rotational Molding Leader Unveils Rotomolding Video Website

Rotational Molding Company Granger Plastics launches a rotational molding website featuring video of the process. is a website dedicated to educating those interested in rotational molding as well as assist potential customer

Rotational Molder Brings IBC Production In-House

Rotational Molder Granger Plastics Company has made Intermediate Bulk Containers (known as IBCs) for many years. IBCs are extremely durable tanks that come in a power coated steel frame. The IBC tank is rotationally molded and has always been p