Diabetes diet facts and ayurveda view

Patients suffering from diabetes have to be well educated about their diet to keep the blood sugar level under control. A well planned diet always helps to keep the diabetic complications at bay. Here are few important facts which have to be carefull

Effects of suppressing sneezing and thirst, as explained in ayurveda

Ayurveda acharyas repeatedly emphasize on not to control natural urges. The texts of ayurveda mention again and again that body immunity level reduces when urges are controlled. The untoward effects of controlling urges of sneezing and thirst are exp

Ayurveda weight gain therapy to increase healthy body weight naturally

Frequently we come across many people who suffer from obesity and they struggle hard to lose weight. But there is a section of people who put a great effort to gain weight or increase their body weight. Underweight men and women are at an increased r

Tips to reduce stretch marks in pregnancy

Women usually develop stretch marks during pregnancy. The stretch marks appear due to sudden stretching of skin surface. The genetic factors play a big role in appearance of these marks. The stretch marks appear on stomach, breasts and thighs. The co

Tips to lose weight after pregnancy

Many women struggle hard to lose weight after pregnancy. Here are few useful tips to lose weight after pregnancy.

1.Avoid crash diet. This may cause reduction in breast milk and also quality of breast milk.
2.Incorporate healthy diet rich in nutri

Medicinal properties of Drumstick-An ayurveda view

Moringa oleifera popularly known as drumstick tree has many common English names. The Moringa tree is draught resistant. It grows in dry sandy soil and is grown mainly in tropical and sub tropical regions. India is the largest grower of drumstick tr

The Food You Eat nourishing or Slow Poison?- beware of opposite foods

The food which we prepare should fulfill many criterion. The food has to be tasty, nourishing and should not harm body. Texts of ayurveda say a strict no to few combinations of ingredients. They describe these combinations as opposite foods. Opposit

Picnic to small hills – Health benefits

Picnics and trips are always best stress busting activities. A picnic to small hill has its own health benefits. Hill climbing acts as a best cardio exercise. When we climb hill with friends and family members it acts as a best stress buster. Thus w

Shishira ritucharya – A healthy lifestyle for cold and dry weather

According to principles of ayurveda the season Shishira marks the beginning of uttarayana (summer solstice) . Shishira ritu has mixed combination of hot and cold. The intense rays of sun absorb the moistness of surroundings, leaving the environment d

Lose your Body fat but not Muscle mass

Introduction :When a person is overweight, health professionals advise him to lose weight. Losing weight means burning extra fat accumulated in tissues of body. In this process there are chances that we may lose portion of lean muscle mass. When a pe