12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile App

If you have a desktop Web site, now is the time to create a mobile application, a.k.a. app. Why create a mobile app? The world has gone mobile.

The number of people using mobile Web on mobile phones (instead of the Internet on personal computers) is

QR Codes: What Are They And Why Your Business Needs Them

Take a look in any popular magazine, newspaper, or mail order catalog.

You’ll more than likely see a small, square-shaped, black and white two-dimensional matrix bar code. Just like the one you see on this page.

This bar code is called a Quick Resp

How To Keep Customers Coming Back For More Without Using Internet, Print, Radio, or TV Advertising

P.T. Barnum said it best: “Without promotion, something terrible happens…Nothing!”

Promotion is the life-blood of all businesses. If people are not aware of your business, they cannot buy from your business. Out of sight is out of mind.

You can p

How QR Codes Can Lead To More Leads And Sales

QR stands for Quick Response and these codes are two dimensional bar codes that were created in 1994 by Denso Wave Inc., a Toyota subsidiary.

QR Codes are scanned with a mobile device which has a QR Code reader software app installed.

By scanning t

How To Create A Personal Mobile Web Page

A personal mobile Web page is a great tool to serve as a gateway between you and your co-workers, customers, friends, and relatives.

Some of the things that could be on your personal mobile Web page are photos of you, links to your accounts on socia