The evening news has been full of reports of multiple vehicle traffic accidents. Sometimes these are caused by low visibility and sometimes they occur as a result of drivers traveling too fast or making unsafe lane changes. Drivers often follow too close. Traveling at speeds of over 60 mph or more, an automobile cannot stop quickly enough if that becomes necessary.

In October of 2012, 52 people were injured on I-75 in Florida. A full 46 vehicles were involved in the multi-car pileup and dozens sustained serious injuries. Last January another multi-car pileup in Gainesville, Florida occurred killing 11 people and injuring 46. This crash was caused by heavy fog and smoke from a nearby fire. The authorities claimed that although there were fog and smoke warning signs, many of the drivers did not slow down or take precautions.

Very often, Arizona freeways are filled with high volume traffic traveling too fast. All it takes is one driver who isn’t paying attention and a massive chain reaction can be set off endangering the lives of dozens. Last June, a 19-vehicle pileup occurred on the 14 Freeway near Agua Dulce. 15 people were sent to local hospitals. The accident was caused by a big rig truck that slammed into the car in front of it, setting off a dangerous chain reaction.

In 2009, there were nearly 11,000,000 auto accidents across the United States. The cost of these crashes was more than 280 Billion dollars. An incredible 3 million people were injured and 33,808 killed. This equals approximately one death every 15 minutes or around 100 people each day killed in car accidents.

Auto accidents cost Americans billions of dollars each year and whether it’s a very serious accident or just a fender-bender, they disrupt our lives. Very often, we lose a loved one or receive such serious injuries that we must be off work for extended periods of time. At the very least, we must deal with insurance companies and auto body shops in order to get the car repaired.

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