Arizona: Cancellation of Insurance

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A recent story concerning a California woman named Patsy Bates has brought to the forefront a serious issue with major insurance companies. The woman was diagnosed with breast cancer and receiving chemotherapy treatments when her insurance company cancelled her policy. Though this may seem like an outrageous situation, imagine having to deal with such an egregious act by your insurance company while going through a life and death struggle with cancer.

Because the insurance company cancelled the policy right in the middle of Ms. Bates’ treatments, she was left with a whopping $200,000 in medical bills to pay out of pocket. Several times, her treatments were delayed because of the insurance company’s refusal to pay her claims. They actually endangered her life because they didn’t want to pay for her treatments.

In cases like this, people have no recourse except to obtain the services of an Arizona personal injury lawyer. Often, there’s no negotiating with large insurance companies and your only hope is to find a great law firm who will take your case and fight to win. In the end, Ms. Bates sued for $6 million in damages and the stress of a big law suit like this can take its toll on someone dealing with cancer.

It will be up to a judge to decide if Ms. Bates’ policy was wrongfully denied and she is entitled to compensation. Luckily, she and her family were able to get help from local charity organizations who paid for her treatments. Cases like this are becoming more and more prevalent as big insurance companies search for any way possible to deny your claim and keep from paying for expensive surgeries and treatments.

In California alone, the insurance industry is widely known for its practice of canceling health insurance policies in the middle of treatments and this behavior has recently come under scrutiny by lawmakers and regulators. Events like these can take all the fight out of those suffering with a serious disease like cancer. It’s disheartening to think your insurance company won’t be there for you when you need them.

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