Are the New England Patriots prepared to deal Stevan Ridley?

The New England Patriots are no strangers to draft-day transactions in the Bill Belichick era. This year, the Patriots might be seeking to trade away a player that has been a big part of their running game since being drafted in the 3rd round in 2011: RB Stevan Ridley.

There are some reasons why the Patriots could look to move Ridley through the draft. The first is related to ball security problems. As anyone who has followed Ridley’s career with the Patriots certainly knows these days, he has had a major problem with fumbles. Since entering the league in 2011, he has fumbled the football nine times, losing six of them. The team responded to the problems by demoting Ridley to third-string running reverse at the latter part of the 2013 season.

Given the point that the Patriots preach ball security with all of their running backs and offensive players in most cases, the probability these people would extend Ridley long-term once he can cough the football up at any moment appears unlikely. He is talented, but in today’s NFL, the running back position is deemphasized. You can usually find running backs with a similar skillset to Ridley who can actually hold on to the football.

Another reason why the draft would be the best time for all to move him is really because the majority of good players in free organization have been concluded. Teams around the league still have holes to fill up and at this point, they are surely more than likely pulling their alternatives between just a few good players at each and every position. To be frank, teams may find a reliable commodity in Ridley a lot more enticing than a newcomer running back that has never taken a snap in an NFL match.

Possibly the most important reason why the Patriots may decide to transfer him at some point throughout the draft is because of economical reasons. With Ridley set to turn out to be a free agent towards the end of this forthcoming season, he will possibly be searching for a huge pay increase regardless of his fumbling concerns. One team on the market with a significant need at the position will likely allow him that pay boost.

Will the Patriots be looking to give a player who was demoted to 3rd string much less than 1 year ago a long-term deal for much more profit? My guess would be no. The team will likely want to get anything in exchange by trading him now as alternatives of losing him for nothing in free agency.

Having said that, the Patriots must be wanting to add a running back or two in the draft. Maintaining Ridley might not be in the cards for a team that prides by itself on getting the job done. For a running back, that responsibility is grasping onto the football. Two teams that could have interest in a purchase for Ridley are the Tennessee Titans and the Cleveland Browns. Both teams require a running back with Chris Johnson passed from the Titans, as well as the injury-prone Ben Tate combined with getting old running back Willis McGahee at the position for the Browns.

In any event, a prospective Ridley trade is one thing to keep close track of perhaps during the second or even third day of the 2014 NFL draft.Would you like to get more information about the new england patriots or perhaps their participants? heade over to our website and find out more! This article is copyright protected.