American International Holdings Corporation (OTC: AMIH) Launches ZipDoctor Online Telemedicine with Unlimited, 24/7 Access to Board Certified Physicians and Licensed Mental Health Professionals

  • Remote Medical Platform for Patients Across the US in English or Spanish.
  • Monthly Subscription Service Without Any Requirement for Insurance or CoPays.
  • Handles Every Step of the HealthCare Process from Start to Finish.
  • Additional Subsidiaries for Related Services Including Life and Career Coaching as well as Med Spas and Nutritional Supplements.

American International Holdings Corporation (OTC: AMIH) is a diversified holding company dedicated to (a) acquiring, managing and operating health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyle companies, businesses and/or brands located both in the United States and abroad; (b) operating and managing an online platform providing customers with access to life and career coaches through LifeGuru, Inc. (, currently in development); (c) operating and managing an online telemedicine platform connecting customers to board certified physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors through ZipDoctor, Inc. (; and (d) general contracting and construction.

AMIH seeks opportunities to acquire and grow businesses that possess strong brand values and that can generate long-term sustainable free cash flow and attractive returns in order to maximize value for the company and its stakeholders.

  • AMIH Subsidiary, ZipDoctor, Inc., Announces Official Launch of Online Telemedicine Platform

On August 19th AMIH, through its newly formed subsidiary, ZipDoctor, Inc., announced the launch of – a newly developed, monthly subscription based online telemedicine platform providing customers with unlimited, 24/7 access to board certified physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors and therapists (“ZipDoctor”). ZipDoctor’s online telemedicine platform is available to customers across the United States and offers bilingual coverage (English and Spanish), with virtual visits taking place either via the phone or through a secured video chat platform.

The AMIH ZipDoctor telemedicine platform does not require the customer to have an existing insurance plan and does not demand or require any additional copays. ZipDoctor customers subscribe through the website and are only required to pay a low monthly fee, which is determined based on if they are an individual, a couple, or a family.

Due to the current pandemic crisis more and more people are shifting towards the added safety and the convenience of obtaining high-quality healthcare through the use of telemedicine, as people are realizing that the majority of routine doctor office visits can be handled and treated effectively with a telemedicine consultation. Eliminating the need to physically visit a doctor’s office further eliminates potential for unnecessary disease spread.

The AMIH ZipDoctor platform acts as a virtual healthcare facilitator that, through licensed physicians and licensed mental and behavioral health counselors and therapists, handles every step of the healthcare process, from virtual doctor visit, to diagnosis, treatment plan and pharmaceutical prescription, and post treatment follow up.

AMIH still intends to increase its retail footprint of both med spa’s and nutritional supplement stores through its Vissia Med Spa and Legend Nutrition brands. However, the company sees the value in diversifying its holdings to online healthcare and wellness properties through the addition of ZipDoctor and through the recent acquisition of to the AMIH portfolio of subsidiaries.

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Author: Rahul Das

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