Aluminum Chains: The In Thing in Jewelry Making

Metal chains such as aluminum chains are frequently used in jewelry making. In fact, they have become quite the trend. They are valued for making items for the ankles, wrists and neck such as anklets and bracelets. They are also excellent materials for hanging pendants and charms around.

One of the top sources of aluminum chains is pandahall. These chains are durable and lightweight so that they can be used for a lot of jewelry making projects. While everyone may like to have chains made out of precious metals such as gold and silver, sometimes these types of chains are hard to afford. In such cases, many designers choose aluminum as not only are the chains made out this material quite affordable, they are also quite beautiful.

Chains at affordable prices

Some people think that these chains are sold at fair prices they are useless chains. Quite to the contrary, these chains are fast becoming a trendy jewelry item to have. They are used to create effortlessly stylish jewelry that can be used for any occasion. Hence, you don’t have to wear gold chains to look trendy as you can wear the ones made out of aluminum and still look stylish.

For jewelry makers, aluminum chains come in a number of designs and thicknesses so you can match them to the type of pendant or charm you are using in your jewelry design. You will find them in a number of finishes such as anodized, embossed, electro-plated and enameled designs among others. You should not feel that these chains are only for use with pendants and charms as they can also be used in combination with different types of beads as well.

Chains in different colors

Few people know that these chains can also be found in a number of colors, many think that these chains just come in one shade of metallic grey. Well, they are many colored chains made of aluminum for one to choose from and make interesting jewelry out of. Since these chains are so versatile, they should be stocked in bulk by any jewelry maker.

However, when buying these chains, ensure that you buy pure aluminum as some chains are alloyed with metals such as lead or nickel, and they can be allergic to certain people. Otherwise once you get genuine and pure aluminum chains from Panda Hall, you will find that there is much you can do with these chains. Besides, it’s time to move away from traditional threading materials and turn to metal chains to add some panache to your jewelry. For example, you can make chain mail jewelry for a Gothic look or as rock bling. Buying these chains in bulk from online vendors such as Panda Hall will ensure that you have lots of chains to use in any project you desire and explore all possibilities. So why not buy some?

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Author: Aronno Bhowmick