All the Skiing Ladies: The 2017 Alpine Ski Word Cup

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Courchevel is a terrific resort for a group of young friends looking for great skiing, a lively après scene and plenty of fun and excitement around the resort. Another key selling point is the fact that it is also very quick and easy to reach, with a flight into Geneva and then a transfer from Geneva to Courchevel. All that takes just a few hours door to door.

Due to the diversity of the slopes, it is popular with big-ticket events which are always highlights of the season as spirits are high and the ambience is vibrant. This winter, Courchevel will be hosting The Audi FIS Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup and it looks set to be a cracking event. It’s the perfect set up for you and your friends: see the best in the business descend on Emile-Allais stadium for a giant slalom and join in the partying that takes place over 2 full days!

Here is all you need to know about this year’s highly anticipated event:

Alpine Skiing Rules

Each event involves skiing down a course lined with flexible red and blue poles called gates – the racers must pass through all of these to complete the course. The fastest to do so is declared the winner, whilst anyone who fails to pass through every gate is dis-qualified.

There are four alpine disciplines which are divided into technical or speed. The distance between the gates is the main difference between events.


You can expect an incredible ambience to prevail in the resort as everybody looks for-ward to seeing the world’s best go head to head on the mountain. In addition to the elec-tric anticipation, there is also a fun loving atmosphere as everybody comes together to party, make new friends and take part in all the entertainment planned for the two days.


Slalom – Races with the tightest turns and shortest skis. Gates are, typically, 6-13 metres apart and made of two flag-less gates.

Giant Slalom (GS) – Gates are usually 20-30 metres apart with gates of two sets of double poles with flags. This is a fast race but it is still considered a technical event.

Super G – A speed event with gates which must be at least 25 metres apart.

Downhill – The fastest discipline and a terrific spectator event, downhill has the fewest gates and is raced on the longest skis.

Combined/Super-combined – A slalom run combined with downhill or super-G.

Parallel GS, Parallel Slalom – Head to head races on parallel courses as opposed to races against the clock.


The high octane event will be taking place on December 19th, but the celebrations con-tinue over into the 20th so be sure to stick around.


The Audi FIS Women’s Alpine Ski World Cup is taking place at the Emile-Allais stadium in Courchevel 1850.

How to Get There

There are innumerable flights made from London to Geneva each week and the flight time is just under 1.5 hours. Prebook a transfer from Geneva to Courchevel to avoid the stress of public transportation. The drive from Geneva to Courchevel takes 2.5 hours, so sit back and enjoy the lovely views of The Alps as your driver takes you to the resort.

So, round up the troops and get ready for what is sure to be a cracking weekend filled with incredible skiing and plenty of partying!

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