Advantages and Disadvantages of a Loft Conversion

Are you running out of space at home and thinking about moving house? If so, have you considered a loft conversion instead. There are many reason why this may be a good option for you.

Advantages of a Loft Conversion

1. It can add value to your home, sometimes up to 20% if done well.

2. It can be cheaper than moving house because you save on solicitors fees, moving costs, stamp duty, estate agent fees, as well as the extra cost of the new property.

3. A loft conversion can be completed fairly quickly – typically 6 to 8 weeks from start to finish.

4. You get to keep your old neighbours and stay in your current neighbourhood

5. You can design your new living space to meet your exact requirements

6. You don’t have all the upheaval of moving house

7. You know all the issues with your current home but a new house could throw up a whole host of unexpected and expensive problems.

Disadvantages of a Loft Conversion

1. You will have trades people in your home for a number of weeks

2. There will be a lot of dust.

3. You will have to empty your loft / attic

4. You may have to sacrifice a room or part of a room of your current living space to accommodate a new staircase.

Even with the few disadvantages mentioned, our view is that a loft conversion is a very good, affordable option for many people. They are ideal for adding n extra bedroom and en-suite, or home office or play room. As long as the roof of your home has enough head height and usable space most can be quickly and easily transformed into a stunning living area and will save you all the hassle and expense of moving house.

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