Accessories and Fireplace

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Usually all types of homes have an elegant fireplace. Many types of fireplace accessories are nowadays available that can help you keeping clean and adding to the beauty of your fireplace looking great always. Besides these accessories can help you keep the fireplace tools and fuel neatly stacked in elegantly crafted tool holder and wood holders. The investment in these accessories is a wise step. Well the fact that fireplaces get dirty very quickly you need at least a few necessary tools to keep it clean. The very basic sets of fireplace tools consist of a poker, a broom, and a shovel. You can buy some good-looking metal tool sets that are not only useful but also decorative.

People having young children and pets need to take care of all possible steps to ensure their safety. A fireplace screen is an accessory that is not only a safety tool but can complement your rooms’ décor if made of crafted cast iron and other metal. The more contemporary screens come in glass keeping away your children safe from fire and sparks while you enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire. You can also make use of some well-crafted log holders to add to the room décor.

If you do not have a fireplace you can buy beautiful portable fireplace which are now available in modern aesthetic designs and mostly are vent less providing a lovely sense of warmth and light devoid of any fuss of cleaning and maintenance that usual fireplace require.

To start with, you need a good set of tools. On the minimal side, you need a poker as well as a hearth broom and a shovel to clean the ash. You can also add tongs, hoe, and bellows for their usefulness and decoration.

Grate is another thing that is helpful for building fire preferably a heavy cast-iron grate. However, if you have a factory built fireplace you will not need a grate.

Often people use andirons as a substitute for grate. However, andirons are not able to hold the logs once they burn down just as grates would. They are no replacement for fire grates. Firewood is held up by placing andirons under them so that draft of air can pass around it promoting proper combustion of the fuel. They classically have short legs and stay connected with an upright guard. Andirons are usually made of metals with very intricate design making is a must ornamental décor for a fireplace.

Spark screen is necessary for a fireplace and comes in many designs and decorations. Although, necessary can be elaborately decorative and ornamental.

Fireplace doors are much recommended if you have a fireplace installed for safety purposes, and are usually made to order tempered glass doors in a metal framework. They also come with hanging mesh or gate-style screen to adjust airflow to the firebox even when the doors are closed. Apart from decorative purpose, you have the advantage of decreasing heat loss through the flue. In addition, if the fireplace starts bellowing smoke you can close the door and prevent smoke coming in the house. By having fireplace doors installed, you can solve many basic fireplace problems.

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